Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miami Trip - South Beach

....More to Follow :D

Pics of Chicago Downtown from Adler :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

This place truly is a heaven on earth. And, there is no way you can capture the beauty of nature through a camera. Its just not possible. Well, anyways enjoy this video.

The video features the soundtrack "Beautiful Day" by U2. This road is while coming back to the Rocky Mountain Trail from Lake Moraine.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gol Gappas or Pani Puri

Its a famous Indian snack, and eaten almost throughout India. Eventually, it followed its way to wherever the Indian diaspora went. The pic above is the American way of serving 'Pani-puri', yes the American way of "Do it Yourself" :) .

And of course it doesnt even come close in taste or looks to what we get back home. And dont even ask me to compare the price :). For the amount of 8 pani-puris I could easily get at least 50-60 in India. :)

Anyways, would like to share this quote from "The Death of Vishnu" by Manil Suri, in which he describes the feeling of a character after she eats this for the first time :)
"And that one moonlit starry night - when she crushed that first golgappa in her mouth, felt the crisp papdi shards and the soft yielding chickpeas between her teeth, tasted the sweet and fiery chutneys on her tongue, closed her eyes as the gush of tamarind water exploded down her throat."

Memorable Quotes from The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri -3

Mangoes. So full, so sweet, so scented, the oranges and yellows of sunlight.

For I am the one who decides where our campaign will take us. A rider can only journey where his horse conveys him.

You do not kill, I remind him. You just send them to a less ignoble birth. sweep down your sword, and let them be born away.

As he watched the grime from his body swirl across the tile and vanish into the drain, he tried to think of a day when water would flow just as freely for the residents of Dharavi.

Wasn't medicine, ultimately a matter of faith? Faith that the doctor knew what they were diagnosing, faith that their prescriptions would make you whole, faith that the tablet dissolving in your mouth would cure you, not kill you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memorable Quotes from "The Death of Vishnu" by Manil Suri - 2

The eyes. Surdas's eyes.
The two fountains of sight.

He said, with these eyes have I sinned, and with these eyes shall I cleanse myself.
these eyes shall be my freedom. These eyes shall be my penance. With these eyes shall I attain salvation.

And that one moonlit starry night - when she crushed that first golgappa in her mouth, felt the crisp papdi shards and the soft yielding chickpeas between her teeth, tasted the sweet and fiery chutneys on her tongue, closed he eyes as the gush of tamarind water exploded down her throat.

That he would scrape and scrub away at her Dongriness, until she emerged polished and precious, like a multifaceted jewel, able to hold her own with razor wit and glittering personality.

Why, then, did he not understand the mechanism of faith? What did religion do to people, to provoke such obstinacy, such hysteria - how did it push people to the stage of torturing themselves and killing each other?

Religion existed to control society, to monitor those without the capacity to think things through for themselves, to provide promises and shimmering images in the sky, so that the urges of the masses could be calmed and regulated.

What after all, did the word 'Faith' connote, except a willing blindness to the lack of actual proof? It was only natural that Arifa, with her untended intellect, had to lean on this crutch of faith to negotiate the inscrutability of life.

After all wasn't he constantly amazed at the number of very smart people who were believers- hadn't even Einstein professed the existence of God?

He supposed this was the essence of faith. There was no science that governed it, no calculus that propelled it, just the raw strength of his own conviction. Whether he succeeded or not depended on how well he could combat doubt, both his own and in others.

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Memorable Quotes from "The Death of Vishnu" by Manil Suri - 1

Mr.Asrani shook his head at this awe-inspiring compounding of in auspiciousness.

He hated venturing out on amavas. He wished someone would invent an umbrella that would ward off the rays of misfortune he could feel raining down upon him such days. His baldness made him feel extra vulnerable.

He realizes he has to escape the noise.The noise that has tormented him for so long. Born at the moment of his own birth, it has swelled insidiously over the years.

"Thought control," he would call it, "something to keep busy the teeming masses."

An image from the Koran kept coming to her - that of Abu Lahab being consumed by flames, his wife bringing the firewood, a rope tied around her neck.

"How does the boy look?" Mr. Asrani asked.
"Look? Is that the only thing that occurs to you? What is she going to do - lick his good looks when they have nothing to eat?"

She would cook to kill tonight, she would scent the gulab jamuns with the perfume of her own youth, sweeten them with the syrup of her own beauty.

That's what Kavita decided. She would run away. Elope, they called it - the English word had such a voluptuous feel. All those movies, all those stories. She would be Laila, she would be Heer, she would be Juliet.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Memorable Quotes from Disgrace by J.M.Coetzee

The gossip-mill, he thinks, turning day and night, grinding reputations.

Perhaps it's the right of the young to be protected from the sight of their elders in the throes of passion. That is what whores are for, after all: to put up with ecstasies of the old.

It reminds me too much of Mao's China. Recantation, self-criticism, public apology. I'm old-fashioned, I would prefer simply to be put against a wall and shot. Have done with it.

These are puritanical times. Private life is public business. Prurience is respectable, prurience and sentiments.

Sooner murder an infant in it's cradle, than nurse unacted desires.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Memorable Quotes from LOST - Everybody Loves Hugo

“In a World of Conflict and Strife, There is But One Fact We All Can Agree Upon: Everybody Loves Hugo.”

"The island was done with her, I wonder what will happen when it is done with us."

"Jacob says to talk to Locke."

"I dont have to prove anything to you Richard. You either come with me, or keep blowing up."

"Ask Jacob, what the island is? Just ask him."

"The rec room looked pretty gnarly on my way in. What do you think 100K might buy?"

“How do you break the ice with a smoke monster?”

"Hurley you asked me to trust you, and this is me trusting you?"

"Is there anything I could do to help you?" - Dont get yourself killed.

"I figured you will like cheese, cuz everybody likes cheese :)."

"You like me because....you are delusional."

"Why arent you afraid? - I have no reason to be afraid."

"You got weapons, and we got weapons. I dont want anyone get killed."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Memorable Quotes from Disgrace by J.M.Coetzee

"Thanks you Mr. Laurie. You have a good presence. I sense that you like animals."
"Do i like animals? I eat them, so i suppose I must like them, some parts of them."

Lethal: the name of a drug? He would not put it beyond the drug companies. Sudden darkness, from the waters of Lethe.
(lethe one of the seven rivers in Greek Mythology, whose water once you drink takes you into oblivion or forgetfulness).

Sapphic love: an excuse to putting on weight.
(Sapphic : Sapphic: of or pertaining to Sappho, the Grecian poetess from the Isle of Lesbos)

But he is a father, and that is his fate, and as a father grows older he turns more and more - it cannot be helped - towards his daughter. She becomes his second salvation, the bride of his youth reborn. No wonder in fairy stories, queens try to hound their daughters to death.

In adultery, all the tedium of marriage rediscovered.
(Tedium - boredom experienced due something tedious - tediousness: dullness owing to length or slowness)

The blood of life is leaving his body and despair is taking its place., despair that is like gas, odourless, tasteless, without nourishment. You breathe it in, your limbs relax, you cease to care, even at the moment when the steel touches your throat.

Vengeance is like a fire. The more it devours the more hungrier it gets.

Psychopomp - someone who guides the newly dead souls into after-life.

Rigor mortis - stiffening of bones and muscles after death.

What nosiness ! Curious how the whiff of scandal excites women.

Or is being shocked another of the duties she takes on - like a nun who lies down to be violated so that the quota of violation in the world will be reduced?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Memorable Quotes from Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee

Is he happy? By most measurements, yes, he believes he is.However, he
has not forgotten the last chorus of Oedipus: Call no man happy until
he is dead.

His own opinion, which he does not air, is that the origins of speech
lie in song, and the origins of song lie in the need to fill out with
sound the overlarge and rather empty human soul.

He has always been a man of the city, at home amid a flux of bodies
where eros stalks and glances flash like arrows.

But in my experience poetry speaks to you either at first sight or not
at all. A flash of revelation and a flash of response. Like
lightening. Like falling in love.

From fairest creatures we desire increase, he says, that thereby
beauty's rose might never die.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Al Jame Al Juyushi

Al Jame Al Juyushi ( means the masjid of the commander of the army).

Al Jame'al Juyushi was built by Amir al Juyush, Badr al Jamali (RA) in the year 478H/1085AD. This Fatemi masjid was built on an edge of the Muqattam hills overlooking the city of al Qahera.

During the time of Imam Mustansir Billah, Badr Al Jamali a commander from Syria was invited to take control. Badr Al Jamali responded to this orders and took control in Cairo with his army. On his successful take over he was given the title of Amir al Juyush ( Commander of the Army) and later he built this masjid, and eventually it came to be known as Jame Al Juyushi :D

Thanks to internet, I was able to find the old pic of Jame-Juyushi ( before restoration) and after restoration. And this restoration too was done by our Aqa Moula TUS Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. This masjid's is a classic example of Fatimid architecture, and you can see that similar style is followed in newer masjids built by us.

So here is the pic of the Masjid before restoration:

And here is a pic after restoration:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Al Masjid Al Azam bil Kufa

The heading in Arabic could be translated as - The Great masjid in Kufa. Yes one of the holiest shrines on shiite(followere of Ali Ibn Abi Talib) muslims is located in Kufa close to Najaf in Iraq.

This masjid hold a significant importance for the Shiite muslims, because it was the place where Ameer ul Mumineen ( the commander of the faithfuls) was martyred on 19th of Ramadan. The masjid has been restored to its past glory after close to 1400 years of neglect. It is the fourth important masjid in Islam after Masjid ul Nabawi in Medina, Masjid ul Haraam in Mecca, and Masjid ul Aqsa in Jerusalem.

This was done by none other than our Aqa Moula TUS - Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. Here is a glimpse of how the masjid looked like before restoration:

And after restoration the masjid looks something like this:

Here is an article on timesofindia.com, that summarizes the herculean effort our Moula TUS undertook in completing this masjid. Once again the article is flawed as its credits Mumbai based Bohras, because every Dawoodi Bohra mumin prayed and worked hard with our Moula to make this a success and obtain the khushi (benediction) of Moulana Ali.

Here in the picture is our Aqa Moula TUS praying at Kufa Masjid. Aqa Moula TUS - responsible for bringing this masjid back to its glory :)

Here is a glimpse of Fatimid (sons of Fatema tus Zahra) Architecture, which is very similar to what you would find at Al Jame Al Aqmar in Kahirah (cairo). The second pic is the from the Masjid Al Azam bil Kufa and the first is from Masjid Al Aqmer in Cairo built by 20th Imam - Imam Amir AS - also a Fatimid Ismaili Mustaali Imam :). This was built around 9-10th century.

Also, if you closely looked at the restored minarets of the masjid. You will find a stark resemblance to Al Jame Al Juyushi - another Fatemid masjid build during the zaman of Imam Mustansir billah, in Al Moizzatul Qahera ( Cairo which was conquered by Imam Moiz AS).

Al Jame Al Juyushi's minaret:

Al Masjid Al Azam's minaret:

As mentioned earlier Kufa masjid was the place where Moulana Ali Ibn Abi Talib was martyred by Ibn Muljim ( a kharajiite) on 19th of Ramadan. This happened when Ali AS was prostrating for the Fajr (early morning) prayer. And this happened in the Mehrab (the place where the custodian of the masjid prays).

In this Mehrab our Aqa Moula TUS placed this grand decorated Mudawwara (round shaped). In Kufi script its written "Fuzzto be rabbil Kaaba" which means - i swear to Allah (the lord of Kaaba) that I've won. These were the last words of Moulana Ali AS after he was attacked.

May Allah give long life to our beloved Aqa Moula TUS, and Inshallah give me an opportunity to visit Kufa Masjid.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

IPL Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders

lol...havent seen a game more funnier than this lol :) ..so many injuries ...the funniest one was towards the ending ..when ganguly edged a bowl over to third man ...and the bowl bounced in the front on the catching fielder ..and hit his ear lol ....reminds me of laxman yesterday ..when he got hit by the ball thrown from a fielder ..poor laxman :D

- Munaf patel : loves to use his feet more while fielding than his hands ... reminiscence of the great Venkatesh Prasad or Anil Kumble ....who would dive after the bowl passed :) ...Patel actually tried to deflect a throw from the outfield on to the stumps at the non-strikers :) ..he did manage to save a boundary though .....and yes he cannot bend ...he plays like an old...lazy looking bowlers ...he just bowls good medium-pacers ...very deceptive :) thats all we (Royals) care about :)

- Saurav Ganguly ..lol it was hilarious watching Ganguly bat .....no matter how hard he tried he couldnt clear the 30-yards circle :) .....it was more like a desperate attempt to even connect the ball ...i think Ganguly should just retire ..even from IPL ..

- A Jhunjhunwala ..lol funny name ..even the English commentators find it hard to pronounce ....first time i heard ...the commentator referred to him as ..jhunajhunawaaala ..lol ..and today i heard ..jhunjhunwa.....whatever ..he is a kid ..who is hyper excited ..he needs to cool down ..i know he is batting good ....but adrenalin should be contained ...in all these euphoria ..he dropped a sitter (a simple catch - a lollipop lol). But scored good ...46 valuable runs ..i cant believe i bought him for 100K (talking abt my fantasy Rajputana Rifles team) ...

- S Trivedi ..lol i know u have never heard of him ..and may be after IPL you will never hear of him :) ..but yeah he bowled well ..really well ..varied his pace ..and was very economical ..except the fact that the heat got the better of him :) ....got cramps ...but he fought hard ..and bowled well after that ...even got a wicket ...that too middle stump knocked :)

- Faiz Fazal....he is another unknown player ..but he played well for his 35 odd runs ..clean hitter of the ball ...hopefully he will play again ...i guess Michael Lumb should be rested ...he is good for nothing ..really ..sucks in fielding as well...

- Adam Vogues ....the highly touted all-rounder from Australia....might be the difference maker for us ....could he be the next Shane Watson for the Royals ?? only time will tell :) ..but he batter well for his 37 of 22 balls ..crucial runs ...that too in the middle order ....very imp contribution ...

- Shane Warne ..how can u forget warnie ...the master thinker of them all .....made some really good bowling changes ..changed ends ...added variety to the bowling .and it paid its dividends ....we won :D

- Yousuf Pathan .....didnt do well with the bat but bowled very well ...took 2 wickets ..and with good economical bowling ....we are all waiting to see a cracker of an inning like the first one ..100 in 37 balls ..its not entirely elusive ..its very much on the cards ...just the matter of time ..may be this victory will give an impetus to such a knock again :D

Most important ..the pitch and the outfield was competitive ...the bowl turned well .it was a pleasure watching shane warne bowl those flippers ....and luckily we didnt have the moths invasion like the first match in ahmedabad :)

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new Rajasthan Royals team !!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freak Incident

Okay, so yesterday at the gym, I was going to the swimming pool. And to get to the swimming pool you have to go through the men's locker room. In the men's locker room there are showers, and one for handicapped people.

So when I went I saw a walking crutch with wheels and presumably someone was taking shower. After an hour or so, when I came back the crutches were still there. Along with me an another person too noticed the same. We were both thinking if the person sitting inside had a problem or something. I thought may be there was nobody inside. So I bended and saw from under the door, and I did see somebody's legs.

We knew something was wrong, but didnt know what to do. I didnt want to get involved in the first place, because if I did report something, and if there was an incident, then I would be the first responder or probably an eye-witness. Now you know what that means - going to the court and I didnt even have my license. I was seriously perplexed.

So, I told this to an another person, that someone is inside for more than an hour. And he without wasting anytime starting knocking at the door screaming if someone was inside. And after he knocked 4-5 times, there was finally a voice from inside ..and a big sigh of relief from my side :).

Justajo hein Saba ko tere toor ki

This was a madeh (song of praise) that we Dawoodi Bohra Mumineen recite in respect of our Aqa Moula (TUS). The first two lines of the madeh are:

Justajoo hein sabaa ko tere toor ki
hein tajalli jaha rab-e-mastoor ki

and it got me thinking about the meaning of these two lines. Dont ask about the rest because its even more difficult to decipher. The wordings are a mix of Arabic and Urdu. And I being neither a native arabic or an Urdu speaker found it hard to understand.

But, I did make an effort to translate them. So it goes like this:

Justajoo (obsession)
sabaa (breeze)
toor (mountain)
So the first line could mean: Its the obsession of the breeze to reach your mountain.

Tajalli (Happiness)
rab (God)
And so the second line could mean: thats where the happiness of the hidden God lies.

So altogether it would mean, that the obsession of the breeze is to reach you, and in it lies the happiness of the hidden God (Allah). Breeze - which is the creation of Allah itself.

This got me intrigued as I started thinking of Imam Ahmed ul Mastoor AS - our 9th Imam. He was the sole author of Rasail Ikhwaan us Safa (Rasail - compilation, Ikhwaan - brotherhood, safa - purity).

There is a known rivawat(history) related to Imam Ahmad Ul Mastoor. It was during his Zaman( time in office) that there was this Abbasid Caliph called Mamoon, who had publicly declared that there was no deen (deen-religion in this case Islam). It was then that he compiled Ikhwaan Us Safa and secretly placed the book in every masjid. Through the book Imam AS proved tawheed(oneness of Allah) and established the righteousness of Shariat(Islamic way of life) through numerous disciplines like arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, botany, zoology etc.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IPL Teams theme songs :)

Here is the collection IPL3's theme song collection:

1. Rajasthan Royals

2. Mumbai Indians

3. Deccan Chargers

4. Kolkata Knight Riders

5. Delhi Daredevils

6. Chennai Superkings

7. Bangalore Royal Challengers

8. Punjab's King XI

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Solace in Music

Here, is an interesting article about how a totally devastated musician in Haiti, is composing songs, and people are finding solace in it.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

meri bigadi bana dijiyeh

A recording has been sent to you. Retrieve it now by using the
download link below. This link will only remain live for 10 days.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Old vs New

check this out ...this was an original sang by Tasawwar Khannum :....agar tum mil jaao, zamana chor dengey hum :D

and then there was this song from the movie Zeher...a perfect carbon copy :D

Sunday, February 28, 2010

saap ko palogey to tumhey hi kaatega

Came across this article on nytimes.com:

Frustrated Strivers in Pakistan Turn to Jihad

The article describes a very well established scenario, describing why and how, certain youth from Pakistan's lower-middle class adopt such a violent way of life.

Coming back to the subject, from the article:

"Like Mr. Kundi, many came of age in the 1990s, when jihad was state policy — aimed at challenging Indian control in Kashmir — and jihadi groups recruited openly in universities. Under the influence of Al Qaeda, their energies have been redirected and turned inward, against Pakistan’s own government and people.

That shift has fractured long-established militant networks, which were once supported by the state, producing a patchwork of new associations that are fluid and defy easy categorization."

It is crystal-clear from above, that it was their State's policy, to an extent that it was made a part of teaching in schools, all in order to instigate violence against India on the pretext of the Kashmir issue. And now the policy has backfired and its working against the same State, and they are clueless. Once long-established militant network has fractured and given rise to fluid individuals: who are easily swayed by a certain oppression - in this case, the failure to succeed in this world, even after putting in tireless efforts.

I couldn't come up with an idiom in English that would mean the same. But its close to this one: "as you sow, you shall reap." This is referring to the topic.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

more u2 :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wish you were here..

we just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year,
running over the same old grounds,
have we found same old fears.....
how i wish, how i wish, you were here

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meri Bigadi bana dijiye...karbala bula lijiyeh with Lyrics.

Heard this during Ashara Mubarak 1431H in Marol. MAshallah his voice is just amazing, and it really makes you wish to go to Karbala for Ziyarat of Imam Hussain AS, Inshallah.

meri bigadi bana dijiyeh
karbala aab bula lijiyeh
mere aqa-e-moula Hussain AS
apna roza dikha dijiyeh

aap key dar pe shaam-o-sehar
aatey hein sekaro zaiereeens
ghum yehi hein mera naam kyun
khoosh-naseebo mein shaamil nahin
meri kismat jagaaa dijiyeh
karbala aab bula lijiyeh

ek andesha faqat hein yehi
mere dil mein nasheeen ya Hussain AS
karbala ki ziyaarat bina
mar na jaaao kahin yaa Hussain AS
koyee bushraa suna dijiyeh
karbala aab bula lijiyeh

mein azaadaar hu aaapka
puri kijiyeh haajat meri
noha khwaaani mein karta rahoo
hein yehi bus ibaadat meri
bandagi ka silaaa dijiyeh
karbala aab bula lijiyeh

mere aqa-e-moula Hussain AS
apna roza dikha dijiyeh

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010

Jhoom barabar jhoom :D

Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi :)

jaha per sharabo ki chalti hein bottle,
waha per tabiyat sambhalti nahin hein,
jaha peeney waalo ki lagti hein Mehfil
waha sheikho pandit ki chalti nahin hein :D

good job Aziz Nazan...found one qawwal who can speak Gujarati :D

and this one from some C-Grade movie ..lol idk wth is a c-grade movie ....

the sweetest thing

love this song as well :) here is a "the sweetest thing" video galore.....

the original video:

here is the video of the lyrics :) .....i know i have got black eyes, but they burn so brightly for you...i guess its a blind kind of love ..:):)..

And here is a fan-video made with Microsoft Paint :D

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Old vs New :)

dil ko tujhseyyyy be-dili hein,
mujhko hein dil ka gurooooor
tu yeh maaney yaah na maaney,
log maangey zarooor
yeh mera deewanapan heinnnnnnn

So this was the classic sang my Mukesh :

And here is a new version, from the movie Namesake....this was sang by I guesss Sheila Raman :

Kill Bill soundtracks :)

one of my favorite movie ...and here are few soundtracks which I simply adore ...so serenading :D ...these are great for programming tooo :D:D

urami ebushi

flower of carnage

the lonely shepherd

and last but not the least :D .....bang bang my baby shot me down .....

such a late goodbye ...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

India vs China

Here is an interesting article on time.com. It tells economically which among the two : India and China is stable and why?

I guess one of the major factor, could be our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. With is vast experience in finance industry and brilliant qualifications, he was able to steer India through recession.


From the article you can see that:
"The government used the same tools as every other to support growth when the financial crisis hit – cutting interest rates, offering tax breaks and increasing fiscal spending – but the scale was smaller than in China." These are the exact steps that the financial gurus in the US are advising President Obama to take. Well, interest-rates have come down in US and fiscal spending has increased, but what really needs to be done are tax-breaks.

Another important point to note in fiscal spending ( stimulus money), our spending was less: just 3% of our GDP. That helped us provide the initial boost, and at the same time, didnt leave us with a hole. The hols could better be described as inflation. Well, there is inflation, agreed, but its under control.

Well whatever said and done, the reason why Indian economy is so strong, according to me, is because our people save, and we are so many :) ...so we are self sustained. From the above article:
"What we see [in India] is a fundamental domestic demand story that doesn't stall in the time of a global downturn,"

Also credit is hard to get (banks are heavily regulated) and hence we dont indulge ourselves in spending unwisely.

Lets hope this continues, and we at least achieve the the goal of bringing 30-40% of our population above the poverty-line.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

dil to bacha hein ji

A beautiful song my Rahet Fateh Ali Khan ....a true prodigy of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan :D

Aise uljji nazara se hatati nahi
datse reshmi dor katati nahi
umar kab ki baras ke safed ho gayi
kaari badari jawani ki chatati rahi
wallah ye dhadkan badane lagi hai
chehare ki rangat udane lagi hai
darr lagatha hai tanaha sone mein jee
dil to bacha hai jee - 2 thoda kacha hai jee
dil to bacha hai jee
aise uljji nazara se hatati nahi
datse reshmi dor katati nahi
gari badari jawani ki chatati rahi

Kis ko patta tha pehlun me rakha
dil aisa baji bhi hoga
hum to humesha samajate the koi
hum jaisa hajii he hoga
aaye jor kare kitana shor kare
bevaja baton pe eve gaur karen
dil sa koi kamina nahi koi to roke
koi toke iss umer me ab khavo ge dhoke
darr lagata hai ishq me karane bhi jee
dil to ucha hai jee dil to bacha hai jee
thoda kacha hai jee dil to bacha hai jee

Aise udasi beti hai dil pe
hasane se ghabara rahe hai
sari jawani katarake kanti
piri me takara gaye hai
dildhadkata hai to aise lagatha hai jo
aa raha hai yahi dekhta he na ho
prem ki mare katar re
toba ye lamahe katate nahi hai kyun
aankho se meri hatate nahi jo
darr lagata hai mujhse karana baji
dil to bacha hai jee - 2 thoda kacha hai jee
dil to bacha hai jee

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chandryaan finds Water on moon :)

Well it may seem like an old news. I quit following the progress of Chandrayaan-1 after its launch. I blogged about it way back in 2008. Here:

Just today I read that India plans to put a man in space by 2016. Here:
6 years might seem like a long-shot, but reminiscing you might recall that Chandrayaan-1 was announced in 2001 and launched in 2008. So this does seem like very possible.

Chandryaan-1 though was disbanded on September'2009 due to malfunctioning of a Sensor. Reminds me a lot about my field of work. May be the sensors were not diagnosed properly :). Just trying to be a smart-ass ;). I am sure more brilliant minded people work for ISRO. Sad story of its failure can be found here:

Well it was not really sad :) Because it was able to find water on moon. And this discovery led to jump-start of Chandrayaan-2. Which hopefully will be much better than the 1.

Here is an image from Chandrayaan-1 confirming the discovery of water on moon.


Quite impressed with this new marketing campaign by Staples. Its more like a free online contract that you sign for yourself.

How many times have you made a new year resolution, a commitment or a pledge, and never followed up with it. Eventually you end up giving it up. This is more like a self-note to yourself, which keeps you motivated. More so yo earn points for following up and of course doing what you committed for.

How does it help staples? Well, duh, you would want some office supplies; for example, you may pledge to organize your office, hence you will need the little stuffs to follow up on your pledge :) get the point !!!

You can register here and make a commitment :)

Apple's new iPad

Find here the link for the launch of the new Apple iPad. Go Apple !!! and go Steve Jobs..smartest man on the planet !!

Also involves Netbooks thrashing :D
"netbooks arent better at anything, they are slow, they have low quality display, and they run crunky old PC Software." ~Steve Jobs.


the above video is continued here:

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ratatouille :D

I wish I could cook like Chef Remy :D someday insh :D

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Immigration to America

"He knew what his father thought: that immigration, so often presented as a heroic act, could just as easily be the opposite; that it was cowardice that led many to America; fear marked the journey, not bravery; a cockroachy desire to scuttle to where you never saw poverty, not really, never had to suffer a tug to your conscience; where you never heard the demands of servants, beggars, bankrupt relatives, and where your generosity would never be openly claimed; where by merely looking after your own wife-child-dog-yard you could feel virtuous. Experience the relief of being an unknown transplant to the locals and hide the perspective granted by journey."

Taken from Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai.

Memorable Quotes from Vernon God Little By DBC Pierre -1

Saw-teeth of damnation I feel just thinking it, waiting for fiery
hounds to unleash mastications and puke my fucken soul to hell.

What I am learning is the world laughs through it's ass everyday,
then just lies double-time when shit goes down.

A lier is a psycopath- someone who paints gray areas between black and

So I'm here with two spliffs, and two acid pearls in my pocket; nasty
gels, according to Taylor, like your mind would projectile-exit your
nose if you took one.

Anyways, I ain't that decisive in life, not with all this grief on
board, not with my anger evaporated. It fucken slays me.

My face goes Porked Monkey. It's the face for when life around you
travels in fucken dog years, but you stay frozen still.

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U2 - One love and 2006 World Cup :)

Same version but this time in HD :)

Just Love you U2 - you rock my world ...inside out :D ....cant wait for your concert in July :D

Future Development of Masjid ul Haraam in Mecca.

Inshallah :D

Could accomodate more approximately 5 million worshippers.

An another proposed development is also seen here :)

Econ 101: foreign migrants are cheaper.

The title I came across, was from the freakonomics blog-site. The article can be found here:

The article refers to recent riots in Italy between migrant African workers and the local police. As per the article, it wasnt astounding to known that native Italians, dont do 'menial' work - like picking up produce from the fields. Instead, its the burden of the migrant worker to do such work. In fact, if you were an Italian you would be better off living on dole (government assistant) than actually working in the fields.

This should not be a surprise, because its the case in almost every country of the world. In one of the comments in the above link you might read that it is economically more profitable to fly an illegal immigrant from Haiti to Miami,USA and transport him/her to any city in the US to do the work, than hiring a local to do the same.

There was a similar situation in Kuwait back in 1999. You can find more details here:
http://www.muslimedia.com/archives/oaw99/kuw-riot.htm and here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/500244.stm
This too resulted in deportation of migrant worker ( egyptians) to Egypt. The Kuwaiti government was so psyched, that they decided to raise-down the entire locality of Khaitan ( presumed to be a Egyptian ghetto), to prevent further riots. This definitely didnt do a bit to improve the conditions of the workers, which was expected, instead it destroyed the livelihood of many migrants doing business in that area.

Well, I guess nothing is going to solve this issue of exploitation. The only way to prevent this is to provide the third -world countries with investment opportunities, which would prevent the migration.

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The Uncelebrated Engineer.

The Uncelebrated Engineer
Though engineers can't get no respect, we are the builders of the modern world.

By Jack Ganssle
(01/11/10, 12:26:00 PM EST)
The crash of American Airlines 331 in Jamaica at the tale end of 2009 was horrific " the plane was destroyed and some 40 people were injured.
But none seriously.

The fuselage broke into two pieces. Engines came loose.

And no one was seriously injured.

The main landing gear sheared off. The nose was crushed.

And no one was seriously injured.

We who travel a lot get frustrated with delays, crummy food and cramped cabins. It's hard not to be grumpy when setting out on yet another trip. But think about the experience: the East Coast to Europe in a mere seven hours! We're doing 600 knots at 40,000 feet, the outside air temperature is -70, and turbines are spinning at 12,000 RPM. Half a million pounds of complex gear hurtling through near-space (the air pressure is around 3 PSI) simply must work correctly. And it nearly always does. Yet it seems amazing that the thing could work at all.

I salute the entire aviation industry, and in particular the engineers who designed an aircraft that even in its own destruction saved 154 people. But in no press account I've read has any reporter or pundit commended the engineers whose efforts meant so much to so many.

We live in an engineered world. Every second of each day is mediated by some product created by a team of engineers. Your clothes are made on machines that are astonishing to watch in action. A humming infrastructure feeds power, water, and data into our homes.

No matter what sort of transportation we use, from the bicycle to spaceship, it is the product of an obscure group of engineers. This Christmas season electronics " embedded systems " flew off the shelves. How many teenagers ever stop to think about the design efforts poured into that iPod or Wii?

With the start of 2010 we enter another decade (at least numerically speaking) which will see the birth of all kinds of new and cool products, each the result of engineers quietly going about their work. By and large the public doesn't really understand what engineering is all about; too many conflate it with science.

My hat is off to you, dear readers, the creators of a wonderful world of opportunities for so many, and the inventors of tomorrow.

Jack G. Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant on embedded development issues. He conducts seminars on embedded systems and helps companies with their embedded challenges. Contact him at jack@ganssle.com. His website is www.ganssle.com.

Dargah-e-Hakimi, Burhanpur - A Management Marvel

Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications
Monday, Apr 28, 2003

A management marvel
Rasheeda Bhagat
No formal training in management or the hospitality industry, and yet Dargah-e-Hakimi is run with an efficiency that is mind-boggling.

The three mausoleums at the dargah
Maano tau bhagwan, na maano tau paththar"(for a believer it's God, for a non-believer it's just a piece of stone), Jaya Bhaduri tells Amitabh Bachchan in the Bollywood blockbuster Abhiman . A simple expression of faith that has stuck in one's memory. Visiting Dargah-e-Hakimi in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, about 65 km from Bhusawar in Maharashtra, and listening to the innumerable legends associated with the Dawoodi bohra saint Saiyedi Abdul Kader Hakimuddin (1665-1730), brings back those words. Burhanpur, which is situated on the banks of the river Tapti, is a crowded, dirty city, which has allowed its monuments of historic importance to decay and crumble. Mumtaz Mahal lived and died here and Shah Jahan had originally planned to erect the Taj Mahal in Burhanpur. But the logistical difficulty in transporting huge quantities of marble to this town clinched the deal for Agra. The few monuments it does have in terms of Mumtaz Mahal's palace and her bathing chambers are in such a dilapidated state that it makes you wonder what right we have to protest against the war on Iraq having destroyed so many historic memories of Iraq. But move away three km from the centre of the town with open drains, swarming flies and filthy, pot-holed roads, to the little village of Lodhi and through the outer gates of the Dargah-e-Hakimi, and you feel you've been transported to another world. Spread over an area of 125 acre, the Dargah complex looks more like a five-star resort than a place of religious significance. The only difference is that you get to enjoy the lush green lawns, the well laid out gardens (maintained by a contractor at a monthly fee of Rs 90,000), immaculate service and delicious, mouth watering food, for a pittance, compared to five star rates. When we visited Dargah-e-Hakimi in the second week of April, the place was attracting about 1,000 pilgrims a day. The moment you land and complete the registration formalities at the plush, air-conditioned, computerised office, your entire group is invited for all the three meals for all the days of your stay. Oh yes, it's an invitation and you don't need to pay a dime for the food. How the 1,000-odd people are served piping hot, delicious, non-vegetarian food, complete with dessert, tender mutton and basmati rice, with a fruit thrown in sometimes, is mind-boggling. As the Bohra pilgrims come from all over India and overseas, and no prior bookings can be made here, it would require an F&B manager of exceptional skills to cater for an indefinite number of people. When you pose this question either to the man-in-charge of the kitchen, the people who serve you food with a smile or the accounts manager in the office, the reply is a smile with a finger pointed in the direction of the dargah. "Only he knows how everything works to everyone's satisfaction here," is the stock reply you get. "He", the 17th-century saint was known for his piety, humility and extreme eruditeness. A Hafiz-e-Koran (he could recite the entire Koran from memory), his recitation of the Koran could mesmerise any living being. Legend has it that one day while travelling through a forest, he was reciting the Koran when a tiger walked by. The animal sat before the scholar, and quietly walked away once the recitation was over. When Syedi Hakimudin died in 1730, his enemies exhumed his body on some pretext after 22 days, but found to their shock a fresh and fragrant body. Over the years, people's faith grew in Syedi Hakimuddin's miraculous powers. The word hakim denotes a healer and thousands of Bohras flock to his shrine, taking a mannat (wow) for shifa (cure) from disease and seeking restoration of the health of both the body and the soul. As in Ajmer, it is said that whoever comes here with a prayer on her/his lips, does not go away disappointed. Those who have their prayers answered, their sick loved ones cured, their sinking businesses nursed back to health, and their other problems solved, come back with a generous offering. Mind you, even if you land at the dargah at midnight or 2 a.m. and find the office closed, whoever is available to greet you will first of all invite you for a meal! You are asked to leave your luggage outside the office and it is later delivered to your room, which may cost you from Rs 200 (for four adults) to Rs 1,000 (for an air-conditioned room), and no tips please, you're told. One of our lunches — for 1,000 odd people — was taken care of by a group of five friends from Kolkata. At other meals, somebody donates the ice cream, somebody else takes care of the lamb chops, and the story goes on. Once again, legends abound on how thousands of people are fed at this dargah. Kutub Khan, the accounts manager at the dargah, says that on most of the days the food is just "sufficient to provide a wholesome meal to all the guests." But on days there is excess food, it is given away to its 250-odd employees. But he does recall the day, a couple of years ago, when all of a sudden five packed buses came in from a nearby town. "The man-in-charge of serving was worried that he might fall short of rice. But as he kept serving, his ladle never hit the bottom of the huge vessel!" He added, "You see how hot it is here already. The peak of summer is a month away, but despite the heat, nothing ever gets spoilt here; the milk never curdles, nor the meat gets spoilt." On a busy day, about 125 kg of rice, 80 kg of atta and five to six lambs go into the preparation of a meal. The complex has an automated laundry, where you are charged Rs 2.50 a piece for getting your clothes washed and ironed. And clothes rarely get mixed up or lost. The original simple brick-and-mortar resting place of this saint has been converted into a grand marble mausoleum, with lovely, ornate etchings. Etched on the inner walls are several verses from the Koran, some in letters of gold. Several thousand square feet of the courtyard surrounding this as well as two other smaller mausoleums, are covered with marble flooring. Hundreds of visitors converge on this space after dinner each evening, as the moon comes up, sitting on the cool marble floor, with hope in their hearts and prayers on their lips. Till the dargah is declared closed around 10 p.m. and you have to withdraw to your room. Immediately outside the mausoleum is a little pool of water with a fountain. This is said to contain healing and soothing properties and every visitor carries it home in a little plastic bottle. What is heartening is that a separate time is ear-marked for allowing non-Bohras (Muslims, Hindus and Christians) to offer prayers at this dargah. As the noon sun was at its strongest, one found Naresh and Manohar, college students from a nearby town, their heads covered with their handkerchiefs, braving the burning marble flooring to steal a few moments of prayer. They had come for a friend's wedding "and didn't want to miss the opportunity to have darshan of such a great peer (saint)."

The plush living quarters
So what did they pray for? "To get a first class in B.A.," is the spontaneous chorus! All the rooms in this complex have attached bath are neatly furnished and kept clean. Those who cannot afford to pay for individual rooms are accommodated in a huge dormitory, but when it comes to meal-time, no distinction is made between the different classes. One can stay at this complex up to a period of 21 days at a time, enjoying all the facilities on offer. But conditions do apply. For one, you have to strictly follow the dress code; women have to wear a two-piece burqa, which, mercifully, does not cover the face and men have to wear white kurta-pyjama and the typical Bohra cap. Also, before every meal, you have to attend the 30-minute majlis (recitation of religious verses). But with the verses being recited by a group of professionals, it is a pleasure to attend these sessions. So will the truckers' strike affect the procurement of grains for the guests? Mulla Shabbir, in charge of kitchen, laughs. "We have enough grains to feed guests for the next six months." While wheat is procured locally, Basmati rice is acquired from Delhi though truck loads and dhals from Mumbai and Gujarat." One cannot resist the temptation of asking one of the managers about yet another legend, that truck-loads of grains come with both the `sender' and `receiver' being `Hakimuddin.' He smiles, "They call this a miracle. But we know that several people who want to donate anonymously, resort to this way of providing food for the pilgrims." As simple as that. But what is not so simple, or easy to understand, is that the key people who run this place have no formal training in either management or running a hospitality venture. Once again, the answer to your puzzled question comes in the form of the finger pointed towards the mausoleum, "He has taught us everything." Pictures by Pervez Bhagat
Response can be sent to life@thehindu.co.in