Friday, April 23, 2010

Memorable Quotes from LOST - Everybody Loves Hugo

“In a World of Conflict and Strife, There is But One Fact We All Can Agree Upon: Everybody Loves Hugo.”

"The island was done with her, I wonder what will happen when it is done with us."

"Jacob says to talk to Locke."

"I dont have to prove anything to you Richard. You either come with me, or keep blowing up."

"Ask Jacob, what the island is? Just ask him."

"The rec room looked pretty gnarly on my way in. What do you think 100K might buy?"

“How do you break the ice with a smoke monster?”

"Hurley you asked me to trust you, and this is me trusting you?"

"Is there anything I could do to help you?" - Dont get yourself killed.

"I figured you will like cheese, cuz everybody likes cheese :)."

"You like me are delusional."

"Why arent you afraid? - I have no reason to be afraid."

"You got weapons, and we got weapons. I dont want anyone get killed."

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