Thursday, September 29, 2005

Superman Returns Trailer

Friends check out the new Superman Returns trailer by clicking on the Supershield.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Dating trends in America in the 21st Century

Dating trends all over America are changing rapidly. Various internet dating sites were referred to and this paper discusses the findings and conclusions drawn from the research. All of the sources referred to suit well for all age groups, with a wide variety of options to land up an ideal date for both men and women.

Newspapers are a less desirable option than internet. Internet provides the seeker with an efficient option of searching for the right date. It is also the fastest mean to communicate with the date compared to newspaper which is way slower and also less revealing. With newspapers you are likely to reach very limited number of audience, limited to your city or state or town.

Internet is also a cheaper option among the two. Various sites allow users to make a profile for free whereas they have to pay for giving their ads in classified newspapers. With instant messaging users can instantly get in contact with your date. People are also very open to posting their pictures on a dating site in contrast to newspapers where posting pictures is a rarity. This is an important aspect that is going to tilt the decision in favor of internet as many people seeking a date gave huge importance to how he/she looked.

It can be seen that women have become more active with online dating and men have shifted to a more passive approach. After going through various profiles it was noticed that women were less hesitant to give away their phone numbers, screen names, email addresses, and various contact details as compared to the male side.

Many men believe that they have become more mature with dating than some women are. Men in the new dating game feel more like hunted, and at the mercy of a new genre of a super-woman they don’t know how to handle. Men are finding it difficult to understand what qualities to they actually crave for in a woman and the whole dating scene is quite confusing to them and to some degree threatening.

Women on the other hand have asked out a man. Until recently, a woman who asked a man to go out with her might have been given a bad reputation for being forward or un-ladylike. Now, women call men they are attracted to and ask them out almost as regularly as men call women. This aspect was clearly noticed in their profiles.

I chose to concentrate my search on woman seeking man and man seeking woman category. Everybody has something specific that they are looking for in the opposite sex. For females, the top characteristic desired is to have a good sense of humor. Second is a sense of caring, and a tie for third is honesty and an interesting personality. Males are looking for women who are funny, brainy, open-minded, good looking, and honest (naming only a few qualifications).

It was also observed that some people believed that God fits perfectly in a relationship. Hence, they felt that it was wrong for them to sleepover with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Also, smoking and drinking was an option that was undesirable for someone religious seeking a date. These people also preferred to date someone who was from the same ethnic origin. So, it can be assumed that they were probably looking for a life-long commitment.

It was also seen that both the genders were very vocal about there specific interests in music, sports, books, movies etc. This shows that lot of people nowadays are searching for a date in terms of common interest which would consequently give them a lot to discuss and get to know each other better.

Thus the internet has revolutionized the way people search for dates. People have become more revealing and this has helped them in finding the right date. Internet dating has given an excellent option for traditionally reserved people who were not ready to express themselves in public. With internet they are able to find someone who suits their culture and way of life.

The role of women has changed over the past 20-30 years and this has reflected in the dating scene too. Instead of man paying for the date it’s the woman who is also chipping in. Thus this was a very prominent change.

Dating has come a long way over the past several years. Many changes have reshaped our views and interpretation of going out with someone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hotel Rwanda....................

Million Voices by Wycleaf Jean
African Chorus throughout song:
Ni ryari izuba, Rizagaruka, Hejuru yacu,
Nduzaricyeza ricyeza.

[When will the sun rise again?
[Who will reveal it "to" us again?]

Rwanda, Rwanda,
Yeah Rwanda, Rwanda.

They said: "Many are called and few are

But I wish some wasn’t chosen
for the blood spilling of Rwanda.

They said: "Meshach Eshach and Abednego,
Thrown in the fire but you never get burned,"
but I wish that I didn't get burned in Rwanda.

They said: "The man is judged according to his works,"
so tell me Africa, what’s your worth?

There’s no money, no diamonds, no fortunes
on this planet that can replace Rwanda…

Rwanda Rwanda

Yeah, Rwanda Rwanda

These are the cry of the children

Rwanda Rwanda

Anybody hear my cry?

If America, is the United States of America,
Then why can’t Africa, be the United States of Africa?

And if England, is the United Kingdom,
Then why can’t Africa unite all the kingdoms
and become United Kingdom of Africa?

Rwanda Rwanda, Rwanda Rwanda
Yeah, yeah.

These are the cries of the children, yeah.

Can anybody out there hear our cries?

Yeah, heavens cry ... Jesus cry.

Lord, did you hear us calling you?
Yeah, Rwanda Rwanda,

Lord, did you hear us calling?
Can you do something in Rwanda?

Rwanda Rwanda, Rwanda Rwanda

I’m talkin' 'bout Jesus; talkin' 'bout
Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda

Talkin' 'bout … talk'n 'bout ...
Talkin' 'bout … talk'n 'bout ...

I wanna play my guitar for Rwanda....

Friday, September 09, 2005

Testimonials--What Pppl Think abt me .......

This is what my Friend ZZZZZZahraaaaa thinks about me ............sometimes i believe do i really deserve these accolades............

Hi mera yaar !!!It was really fun reading what other frens had to say about u but its more fun for me to write sumthing about u my fren…I have been knowing u since for last 5 or 6 months…and during our meeting with each other hatim…what one may think bout it…!!!well hatim I find u to be a very intelligent person ..I often find myself carried away by de excitement of ur ideas as u talked about the many things which interest me.. lols…..
People out there...i think u guys shud meet our fren hatim…well he is a person who is always looks forward to helping anyone who’s always find themselves in trouble …
Hatim is like a mini typhoon waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting thinker scene….he has bigger dream to be like Donald Trump…lols....but then im sure his knowledge comprises comp engineering would ever fit his career to become one of de successful man in his life…
I’m sure hatim if u keep asking urself what’s good in my life and what is there still to be done…thereupon if u keep ur spirits high...going in urself I’m damn confident that one day u will be a masterpiece for everyone who is close to u …still there is a long way to go b4 u can run a masterpiece of ur life after all its says….. make each day ur masterpiece……!!!!
Hemm…finally hatim u r a person of unusual imagination…u could talk in an interesting manner on almost any subject…I was very lucky to meet u my fren …yeaahhhh…I remembered one thing abt him ..he who misses his mum always but then hatim …just show once in ur lifetime that what u have been missing was not being wasted coz u have always knew what u have been lookin in ur life..after all one manner of reasoning must lead u to a definite conclusion…last words fr me to everyone..dont live in the past (unless u like guilt) or live in de future (unless u like fear) but stay focused on today (in case u like happiness)….: )

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Islam -- A Dawoodi Bohra Perspective

We believe that Islam revolves around 3 things beside Allah subhanahu...definately there is no comparison to him.....
so the three things are
- The holy Quran
- Prophet Muhammad
- The ahl-e-bait

Allah send the Quran, Prophet Mohammed explained the Quran and he made ahl-e-bait the perfect example in the sense that u want to know what the Quran is trying to say ...take there life as an example and live like here too there is no concept of shirk ...because Ameer ul Mumineen AS was the person who destroyed the idols in Mecca and we are staunch follower of Moulana Ali AS so consequently there is no question of us committing shirk or worshipping idols.

Bowing down.....we have never did sajdah to our Moula tus .whenever we do sajdah its either during namaz or say after a prayer yeah we do sajdah after his deedar (witnessing him) but its not for him its to thanks Allah subhanahu that he gave us an opportunity to do his deedar. So we are just thankful to Allah here and not to our Moula tus. So here too there is no shirk.

Why we eat salt before our meal. Isn’t that something like why we wash our hands before eating food, isn’t that something like why do u take bath everyday, or why do u put hair oil on your head ,its a matter of personal hygiene and I guess its matter of I guess nobody want resort to Talibanism and put a ban on our practice of tasting salt because yeah it is not mention in the Quran ......if someone wants to follow everything that is mention in the Quran with a totalitarian point of you then I guess he/she have to follow the shariyah. And in this time it is not possible.

ok so u say people complain we have modified the practices mention in the Quran ahem ......what do u think of the 4 different Sunni Islamic schools ;Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, Hanbali. Don’t they have different practices do you go and blame all of them that why one of them follows this and why not this.

A quote from this website

In the early Islamic times the governors would appoint qadis to judge the subjects of their newly acquired territories. They tried to base their decisions on the Qur'an and act according to what they knew to be the Muslim practice (sunna), but when none of these sources were available, they had to judge themselves, whatever seemed right to them personally. This usually included considerations of what was customary in the area. Judgments based on own opinion (ra'y) became common practice of the early jurists, and a system of logic to support the decisions was being formed.

how do they justify this? Will you go and question the authorities of the person who made there own rules without even referring to the holy Quran? Fortunately our Moula tus has never committed such a sacrilege.

People raise such questions to us because they know that we are a docile sect of Islam, we are not going to come to you asking why do u follow this or that. We invest our time in learning what the right thing is and not finding faults with other sects. Actions speaks louder than words.

We don’t believe in converting people to our religion we just believe that those who are already dawoodi bohras don’t get astray from the right path and if our Moula tus is showing us the right path then what’s there problem. he is telling us to fast, perform hajj, read namaz, read Quran, give alms to poor, don’t take interest, don’t eat haram food and countless things that are all mentioned in the Quran. where is the question of shirk here?

don'tu give respect to the imam who leads the prayers or deliver sermons? don’t u think that the imam who is leading the prayers in is different from a normal person, in terms of knowledge, don’t u go and seek guidance from him incase u have a doubt, or the best example would be your molvi or teacher, do u glorify him as god. nooooooo

Similarly our Moula tus has the knowledge: Islamic knowledge. He is like our teacher who is guiding us to the right path strictly following the holy Quran. Doesn’t he deserve respect for what knowledge he has, so we give our Moula tus that respect and does this make him Allah. is that committing shirk.....? n00000000000000

we don’t commit terrorist acts, we don’t harass our woman folks, we boast 100 pc literacy rates, we all try to resort to business and trade as it was advised by Rasullallah SA. So where are we committing shirk?

hypocrisy has its price , I guess it will take more than one life to realize….couple of weeks ago a hypocrite wanted to know how to covert to Dawoodi bohras ...and yeah most of our fellow mumineen did give her a proper and decent responses ...but now that person is raising fingers at our practices...did any bohri ever come to you and said that we dont like your practices....ridiculous.....instead we enlightened her on our practices and never criticized her….we take proud in our culture and traditions….and I think that only those people who have fault in them find fault with others

but believe me friends forgiveness is an act of god and looking at trauma and suffering of our masoomeen ahl-e-bait AS we have learned that aspect of the Quran and our beloved Aqa Moula tus has strengthened those traits in us by constantly reminding us of there suffering at the hands of infidels. I am sure such a person deserves respect for his painless efforts and we are just giving him that respect and not treating him like Allah AstakfiruAllah. there is no question of shirk here.

so let us forget everything and forgive each other. Let us together glorify this Islam religion by tolerating other sects and religion and not force our opinions on others. And yeah to remind you our kalama is La ilaha ill Allah, Mohammadun Rasul al Allah, Ali un Wali ul Allah. Which means there is no god but Allah, prophet Mohammed SA is his rasul and Ali as is his waasi. Doesn’t this answer all of your questions, there is no mention of our Moula tus here.

p.s friend i am in know way to elucidate the vastness of our islamic traditions and how are they adhered to in our sect....i m just trying to clear some misconceptions ...note to all those people who criticize us and our practices.....please dont make any assumptions islam is very delicate like our faith who is committing shirk or whatever ....leave it to them to decide and dont bother them ......if u arent commmitting it then may allah bless you ...thats all we can do ....we shall always pray for you one of our fellow mumineen sistermay allah show you the right path ...amin .

Friday, September 02, 2005

Help Help Help !!!!!!!!!!

Numerous ways you can help city of Houston cope up with the victims of Katrina Hurricane.

Looser George Lucas

This short article will clearly illustrate that George Lucas creator of Star Wars spoofed the concepts from Asimov's Foundation series. Wake up Star War geeks to this reality !!!!!!!!!!

George Lucas used elements of the Foundation series to construct the universe in which Star Wars is set, including propulsion by hyperdrive, lightsabers (evolved from force field penknives), and the Galactic Empire (although Lucas' Empire was by definition evil, while Seldon openly says that in principle the First Empire is not evil). Additionally, Coruscant, the imperial capital planet covered completely with buildings, is a direct borrowing of Asimov's Trantor. (Visually they are not exactly similar: Trantor is covered in domed cities, while Coruscant's buildings are open to the air.)


Thank goodness for WiKi.

Invincible Incredible Indians

Whoa !!!!!!
What a day for Indian sports fans both in the more popular Cricket and less popular Tennis. Two of my most favorite stars have lived up to expectations and delivered handsomly.
Mohammed Kaif

I have always been a big fan of Kaif as I believe that he is grooming up to be India's future captain. From his debut against England in its home turf Kanpur in 2002 till his magnificent 87* against England in the Natwest Trophy final he has always shown that temperament for succeeding at the International level and consequently the calibre to lead team India in the future. Unfortunately, he never got any chance to prove his game while playing at number 6 for most of his ODI career. Fortunately, with absence of Sachin due to knee-bone injury Kaif got a chance and boy he did capitalize on that. In the three innings he has played at number 3 his average was 44 and with this 102 not out its going to soar. This inning is a stamping proof that Kaif is well suited for that crucial number 3 spot. His fielding, catching and running between the wickets is sharp and at the same time exemplary. With youthful exuberance of Yuvraj Singh, M.S. Dhoni, J.P.Yadav, Pathan and the experience of Dravid, Ganguly and Sachin this Indian unit is indeed a force of reckoning. This indeed is the dawning of a new era of Indian cricket. Kudos to the Indian team for pulling of a spectacular win - the largest chase at the Harare Sports Club cricket ground. Best of luck for the Finals.

Sania Mirza

A muslim girl from a humble background becoming tennis sensation. Its not just about the persona but performance too. Imagine the only Indian woman tennis player to reach 4th round of US Open and a chance to beat World's number 1 Maria Sharapova. No doubt this is going to be the most glamourous match of the tournament.Already her popularity is compared to Sachin and she is just 18 years old. She has occupied prime-time on US channels and indeed a media darling. Her sponsorship endorsements have crossed 1 million pounds and still counting. She is not a great athlete, her first serve percentage is below par, her footwork is horrrible but what matters is how hard u hit the ball and she does hit dem hard.With her attitude and charisma she is going to be a rising star and be a role model for numerous burgeoning women athletes in India. Bestest of luck and I am waiting to see her knock out Sharapova :P.