Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Mohabbat Kya hain


Mohabbat woh hain ...

jo koi sarhadh nahin jaanti hain
koi hukum koi farmaan nahin maanti
hain aankhon ke raaste dil main bas jaati hain
khoon ke ek ek katrey main samati hain

waadiyon main rehti hain hawa jaisey
phoolon main rehti hain khushboo jaisay
Aisi hain mohabbat dosto
jo bus jaati hain choodiyon main khanak jaisay

yeh jo mohabbat hain ....
zindagi hain
bandagi hain
kismat waalo ko hi mili
aisi haseen khushi hain

yeh mohabbat hain jo theharti nahin
Kum nahin hoti ansoon bahaney sey
kisi key samjhanhey fusalaney sey
mohabbat woh shai hain doston
jo bayaan nahin hoti shayaraney sey


Sunday, December 19, 2004

Another of my Sentimental Creation

khushiyon sey dil bhara na tha
ki tumne saath chor diya
zindagi key mushkil safar main
kahan humey tanha la kar chor diya

tere deedar ko taraz gayee nigaheinna
husti hain na roti hain
kya kusoor hain inka
jo raat din bus tere hi khwaab dekhti hain

socha na tha is qadar ishq hoga
subah shaam tera hi junoon hoga
aab kya karey koi to samjhaye
ki is dil ko thoda sa sukoon aaye

aab to na kissi ki aarzoo
naa kissi ki talaash hain
main to phool hu tanhaiyo
ka bus veeraney ki talaash hain

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Trip To Detroit-- Cotinued

So , we ordered more food along with Hummous. The food came in late, by that time we had eaten so many naans with hummous that we were already full. We didnt know what to do with the rest of the food, but we had to eat it. It was expensive after all. And it was tasty i mean i cant tell u , i have never eaten such a food in my 2 years here in US.

So slowly slowly we finished the meat part but left the rice. We had no choice other to stuff ourselves. Remember we had to go back to home too. So better sense prevailed and we didnt bother to eat the rice. Now when the bill came we were shocked, I mean we were expecting that , but it was beyond expectation. And the tip too dont ask me how expensive it was. But no need to crib coze that was expected.

Next, we had to go to MSU in Lansing , to meet my friend who had stored some stuffs which my mom had sent with him from Kuwait one and a half years ago. He mailed me couple of times to come and pick up the stuffs, coze they were occupying a lot of space in the space starved dormitory room. But It wasnt possible for me to go there coze of my busy schedule and daily routine. So finally we get a chance to meet and a chance for him to get rid of my stuffs.

We had to wait for him coze he was busy giving exams. We decided to go around the university. I knew that this uni was bigger than ours and more prestigious, so i wasnt startled to see the building and infrastructure. But , one of my friend was he felt bad that our uni sucked and what not. I consoled him saying that dude that this one is more expensive. It was a false advice coze it was not true. But something had to be done to calm him down.

Finally got a call from him that i could meet him at his dorm room. The dorms were so huge infact humongous. Way bigger than ours. It took us some time to figure out the right place where he would be waiting for us. We met him and he escorted us to his dorm room where the parcels were kept packed and untouched. I introduced him to my friends and a quick well wishing. I apologized him saying , " Sorry bro my stuffs have been a big pain for u for a whole year." He frowned and retorted, " Hatim its actually one and half." I felt embarrased i told him sorry again and thats it we were gone.

When we reached the car, i was so anxious to open my parcel that i didnt even wait to go home. Oh such a great feeling to get some stuffs from home. Especially from my mom. She is the only person in the world who understands me better than anyone. She knows what suites me what doesnt. What are my like my dislikes. Mom i just love you. I knew that the clothes she send would definately be awesome . Only worry whether it would fit me. Its been 1 and half year, imagine.

The best part abt my mom is the packing . I mean over years by sending stuffs to my folks in india she has become such an expert packer that she finds numerous ways to make a parcel as small as possible. I m serious she is an adept parcel maker. The entire thing looked small , never expected yhat it would contain so many clothes. But it did. They were all so awesome , that i cant tell you. The type of clothes i like , after all she is my mom. Pity , couldnt try out my clothes in the car , had to wait to reach home.

Dozed off in the car, reached home checked out the clothes and they were perfect. Thank God. Had to sleep early coze next morning were planning to go to Chicago.


Trip To Detroit

Friends this happened yesterday. We made a trip to Detorit to drop a friend who was flying to Boston. It was fun , i mean we packed in all sort of food stuffs. For us the first thing is food, we cant stay hungry. We had Doritos, Juice, Cookies, it was like we are going on a picnic. We were almost full by the time we reached Detroit coze the only thing we did in the car was eat , eat and eat.

So we made the necessary preperations. We pumped gas , took cash from the ATM , filled our pockets and left. We had two three things in mind. One of my friend had plans to eat in Ann Arbor, one wanted to eat in Battle Creek , One wanted to eat in Berger Kinf weird. But everyone had there choices , I wanted to eat in an Arabic Restaurent in Dearborn , a motor town close to Detroit. I heard from many friends that this town is filled with Arabs and u can expect to get real good food .

So the guy who wanted to eat in Berger king was adamant and he was flying too, so we drove into there and he got his food. We ate half of it though lol.So we reached Detroit and dropped him at the airport.

The next quest was to reach Dearborn. We had no maps and no planning as usual. So we were left on the mercy of our sense of direction and help from passerby and Gas station owners. We finally took an exit on I-94 that said Dearborn and to our surprise we found nothing but a huge manufacturing plant of Ford. We went deeper into the city to discover nothing but some factories. I decided as usual to stop at a Gas station and ask for direction.

I went inside and asked the gentlemen , who looked like a typical arab. I asked me how can i get to downtown, and he was more than happy to tell me the directions. I took it as a chance and asked me if he could plz tell me directions to a good arabian restaurent. And he promptly said La-Shish which i persumed meant " no Kababs" from my arabic skills gained in kuwait. I wondered what an arabic restaurent would be without kababs or kabobs. But we still went there.

The restaurent looked decent , i mean looked expensive . One of the friend was hesitant to go inside, he worried that we might get ripped off. But me and other friend explained to him like big brother that we have come so far just to eat good food and we shouldnt worry abt spending, lol. So we persuaded him to come along. We were greeted by a courteous attended.

This questions troubles me all the time i go to a restaurent. A waiter can see that three of us have walked in together and they still ask us this stupid question that " how many ?". I mean we are not going to sit in 3 different corners, or do we look like just came from a brawl and are eager to just bang each other and break there plates. Anyways we answered him and settled down in one corner.

The best thing abt an arabic restaurent is that , they are " Halal ". I mean you can eat how much ever you want without having that feeling of guilt. So I took it as an oppurtunity to relish. For starters i ordered carrot's juice. Oh it was so lushious. Never drank like this in years. The last time i drank such a juice was in my village back in India. Reminded me of those days when my aunt used to feed her kids with this carrot juice so that they could gain some height. She has tried every possible medicine, recipe, so that her kids grow taller but they aren't.

So we decided to order something to eat. All three ofus together ordered a plate of hummous
(its made by crushing chick peas ) thats all i know about. The best part was naan ( pita bread) , which were prepared fresh. And more important they were made up of wheat flour which were like the chappatis my mom makes. Oh so good, i wished we could take some of them home but no use as we had to go to Lansing to pick up my stuffs and we would reach late.

I got more to write but too sleepy so i will tell u rest story later.

Good night

Mullahs on the Mainframe By Jonah Blanks

Mullahs on the Mainframe by Jonah Blank.I came across this book on some internet site. I was lucky to find this book in my university library and to my surprise I found that this book is one of the famous circulation at the library. It was indeed a surprise coze i dont know any other Bohra living hereexcept me and one another.

Its written by Jonah Blank , a Harvard Univeristy Graduate. He came under Bohra influence through his roommate at HU. He visited India and Pakistan and lived with surrogate parents for 2-3 years . He learned Dawat ni zabaan and Arabic and rummaged through libraries ofJamiya in Surat and Karachi.

This book is indeed a great book to read. It gives the ethnography (our history), culture, traditions , beliefs of our bohra cast . It described the complex problems faced by various Dai's and Imam's. It describes how we managed to survive such times as the AbbysidOppressions, the world Wars, Indian Independence and how various firqas broke from mainstream bohras.

It talks abt status of women , importance of marriage , marriage rituals , then haram and halal our dayaams. For everything he quotes he gives a reason why we follow such rites.

He also speaks how we blended well with the western culture and at the same time stayed pious and stuck to our never shaken faith in Allah Subhanahu, His Prophet , Ahlul- Bait , and His Aaal ( imamsand Dais).

He also describes how hard Aqa Moula (tus) has worked hard to definean identity for ourselves. Something that makes us different fromother Muslims. How technology has helped Bohras all over the worldto unite themselves.

In one sentence this book is a modern or western perspective to ourorthodox culture.

I have started to read this book and let me tell you i havent been addicted to reading like now. It is a must own book for every DB.

I m sure some of you have already read this book , if you have then plz tell me what do u think and if u havent then plz make every effort to get this book.Its a must own book for every Dawoodi Bohras. It will answer yourqueries.I have posted this message on other groups too , so i m sorry if Itried to spam u.Let me know if you have any more questions.

Khuda Hafiz

merey dil ki kalam sey

Is kadar ussey chahta huki
ankh band karkey bhi usey dekhata hu
is dard-e-dil ki daastan
is shayaari sey bayan karta hu

Ranj-e-ulffat is hadh par pahucha
ki din ko raat , raat ko din samjha
aisa chaya chahat ka junoon
ki uski ek jhalak ko jannat ka nazara samjha

dil lagane ki sazaa yeh thi
ki dil sey usey nikaal na saka
is dil ki ek arzoo key liye
us bedard ka dil pighal na saka

ishq main kya ban gaya ghalib
kabhi aashiq kabhi deewana
ussi key pyaar ke khaatir
duniya se ho gaya baiganaa

aansoono ki baarish aisi huwi
ki doob gayee aankhein
bahut dil per patthar rakhey
ki toot gayee deewarein

Friend i m not a native URdu speaker so gustakhiyan maaf karna

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Importance of Wasila

very important point to ponder....this could indeed define our every way of life way of thinking.
I mean why do so many bohras go to Dargahs. Why do they ask for razaa from Aqa moula TUS . Why do ppl take such minnats of dais and duwaat kiraam. Are we turning a normal human being into God. Doing this is indeed shirk that is associationg Allah Subhanahu with someone else, and anyone commiting such a sin is doomed to hell.

Here is the explanations:

Remember Sajda of Imam Hussain AS and the sacrifice he made in Karbala. Everyone knew his shaan and there was no way that munafaikeens could win. Ask yourself a question why did he accept such a defeat ? why did he sacrifice Ahle-Bait ?

Ponder, u will realise that he did all this for the betterment of the us . Unki wajah se aaj humara bedaa paar hain. What power does he have to prevent us from going to hell?

Why did Maa Fatema AS collect her tears to suppress the fire of hell on mumineens? If Allah is supreme then what right does she have to do such a bold act ?

Do you remember the Rivayaat of the Arabi who came to Rasule-Khuda seeking kids? didn't Jibraeel said that ask him to take the wasila of Imam Hussain AS and he was bestowed with 7 kids?

How many times in a day u say Ya Ali Madad when u r suffering from pain or anguish ? Dont u think that u r asking Ali Ibn abi Talib and not Allah ? does this make Ali Greater than Allah ? No , u r seeking his help in asking to Allah's. Isn't that a wasila ?

Our Nabis (AS) Panjatan Pak (AS) Imam (AS) Dai and Duwaaats are ethereal human beings. They have knowledge beyond contemplation. With there knowledge they have explained us the true meaning of The Quran. They have helped us to make distinction between the right and the wrong path.

They are to an extent reponsible for what we are, so why do we hesitate to take there wasila when we seek something from Allah Subhanahu.

Allah Hafiz

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Deen Vs Duniya

Dear Friends

I have been reading your posts and its assume that it is very important to strike a proper balance between deen and duniya. As mentioned in the above past Islam - a way of life should be treated as such. WE should make it mundane along with worldly activity and not treat it as an obligation.

Now various reason why ppl choose over duniya than deen could be very well figured. Allah Subhanahu Himself has warned the humans in the Quran that all the wordly pleasures bestowed to you are a test of ur faith:

(And know that your possessions and your children are but a trial and that surely with Allah is a mighty reward.) (Qur'an 8:28)

Prophet Mohammed SA quoted in his hadith sharif that:
"When the All-Mighty Allah gives a person whatever he loves of the worldly benefits despite his disobedience, then that is a gradual enticement."

Enticement here means that Allah is trying to entice you into worldly pleasures and a person whose faith in deen is fragile , is going to fall in that trap. If Adam Nabi could fall in such a trap than we are mere gunehgaar bandhaoo.

Those who hold on to the false life of the world, yearning for material benefits may be distracted from obedience, worship and performing their religious duties on time and in a perfect manner.And thus it explains why so many of us are renouncing our deen for the sake of duniya.

One Bhaisaheb delivering his sermon , said that this life is a journey, and humans need there provisions for this life. And for Hereafter( after you die) you need ur piety that is deen. So people let us strengthen our deen so that the life in this world and Hereafter too is a bliss.
Therefore we must be thankful to Allah Suhanahu for His immense barakaats.

Reminds me of a Bayaan of Aqa Moula during the Houston Ashara of 1422. It is the easiest way to remember Allah Subhanahu in ur mundane activities.Aqa Moula tus Farmavey chey ke:
"Mumineen ni Jamaat, tamey jewarey suwo aney jewarey aankhein khule to kaho Labaik Allah Huma Labaik,upar si utaro to kaho Labaik Allah huma Labaik, Motor maa jawo to kaho Labaik Allah Humma Labaik, KAfilat maley to kaho Labaik Allah Humma LAbaik,".

Thus we can benefit from the teachings of our Auliya Kiram SA and bayaan sharifa of our beloved Aqa Moula TUS. We should follow is farmaans and i m sure we will have the pleasures of duniya and also obtain spirituality. And I am sure that by adopting such a way of life,we needn't worry because we have a Dai in Aqa Moula TUS who is going to take us into heaven Inshallah.

Always remember this saying from Moulana Ali Ibn Abi Talib (SA):
"The life of this world is a home of truth for the one who is truthful in it, a home of safety for the one who understands it perfectly, and a home of richness for the one who prepares his provisions there from."

Allah hafiz