Thursday, December 16, 2004

Trip To Detroit

Friends this happened yesterday. We made a trip to Detorit to drop a friend who was flying to Boston. It was fun , i mean we packed in all sort of food stuffs. For us the first thing is food, we cant stay hungry. We had Doritos, Juice, Cookies, it was like we are going on a picnic. We were almost full by the time we reached Detroit coze the only thing we did in the car was eat , eat and eat.

So we made the necessary preperations. We pumped gas , took cash from the ATM , filled our pockets and left. We had two three things in mind. One of my friend had plans to eat in Ann Arbor, one wanted to eat in Battle Creek , One wanted to eat in Berger Kinf weird. But everyone had there choices , I wanted to eat in an Arabic Restaurent in Dearborn , a motor town close to Detroit. I heard from many friends that this town is filled with Arabs and u can expect to get real good food .

So the guy who wanted to eat in Berger king was adamant and he was flying too, so we drove into there and he got his food. We ate half of it though lol.So we reached Detroit and dropped him at the airport.

The next quest was to reach Dearborn. We had no maps and no planning as usual. So we were left on the mercy of our sense of direction and help from passerby and Gas station owners. We finally took an exit on I-94 that said Dearborn and to our surprise we found nothing but a huge manufacturing plant of Ford. We went deeper into the city to discover nothing but some factories. I decided as usual to stop at a Gas station and ask for direction.

I went inside and asked the gentlemen , who looked like a typical arab. I asked me how can i get to downtown, and he was more than happy to tell me the directions. I took it as a chance and asked me if he could plz tell me directions to a good arabian restaurent. And he promptly said La-Shish which i persumed meant " no Kababs" from my arabic skills gained in kuwait. I wondered what an arabic restaurent would be without kababs or kabobs. But we still went there.

The restaurent looked decent , i mean looked expensive . One of the friend was hesitant to go inside, he worried that we might get ripped off. But me and other friend explained to him like big brother that we have come so far just to eat good food and we shouldnt worry abt spending, lol. So we persuaded him to come along. We were greeted by a courteous attended.

This questions troubles me all the time i go to a restaurent. A waiter can see that three of us have walked in together and they still ask us this stupid question that " how many ?". I mean we are not going to sit in 3 different corners, or do we look like just came from a brawl and are eager to just bang each other and break there plates. Anyways we answered him and settled down in one corner.

The best thing abt an arabic restaurent is that , they are " Halal ". I mean you can eat how much ever you want without having that feeling of guilt. So I took it as an oppurtunity to relish. For starters i ordered carrot's juice. Oh it was so lushious. Never drank like this in years. The last time i drank such a juice was in my village back in India. Reminded me of those days when my aunt used to feed her kids with this carrot juice so that they could gain some height. She has tried every possible medicine, recipe, so that her kids grow taller but they aren't.

So we decided to order something to eat. All three ofus together ordered a plate of hummous
(its made by crushing chick peas ) thats all i know about. The best part was naan ( pita bread) , which were prepared fresh. And more important they were made up of wheat flour which were like the chappatis my mom makes. Oh so good, i wished we could take some of them home but no use as we had to go to Lansing to pick up my stuffs and we would reach late.

I got more to write but too sleepy so i will tell u rest story later.

Good night

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