Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chris Brown - Forever

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blinded By Rainbows -- I lurve this song ....wuhuuuu finally found it...

Here are the lyrics::

Did you ever feel the pain
That he felt upon the cross
Did you ever feel the knife
Tearing flesh that’s oh so soft

Did you ever touch the night
Did you ever count the cost
Do you hide away the fear
Put down paradise as lost

Yeah you’re blinded by rainbows
Watching the wind blow
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you sleep at night
I doubt it

Did you ever feel the blast
As the semtex bomb goes off
Do you ever hear the screams
As the limbs are all torn off
Did you ever kiss the child
Who just saw his father shot
Do you ever shed a tear
As the war drags on and on

Do you ever touch the night
Or is it just another job
Do you feel the final hours
Put down paradise as lost

Yeah you’re blinded by rainbows
And faces in windows
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you sleep at night
I doubt it

Do you ever fear the night
Could it be the war is lost
Do you fear the final hour
Do you kneel before the cross

You’re blinded by rainbows
And watching the wind blow
Blinded by rainbows
Do you dream at night
Do you scream at night
Do you smell of fear
Is your conscience clear
Are you caked in sweat

Are your clothes all wet
Do you see the light
Is the end in sight
See the face of christ
Enter paradise
I doubt it

From the movie The Replacements ...sung by The Rolling Stones :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Coming Back To Life - Pink Floyd

One of the classic...that I adore :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mohd. Rafi - Chand Mera Dil - Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin (1977)

One of my favorite song :)))

_ yehi to hein sanam pyaar ka thikanA Mein ho Mein hoo ___

Check out this video on YouTube:

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if I ever was a mullah sahab in madresa, this would be my Waqaa ( Signature) :)


"For real, I'll be diligently killin the soliloquies
Of these millipedes that try to pass themselves off as ill MC's
I weave a web of words so intricately
That the English dictionary lacks an adjective to fit me"
-Brother Ali (The Champ)

Water Damaged iPhone : Can be fixed :)

It happened yesterday that I inadvertantly wet my iPhone. It didn't stop working rightaway but it started to behave erratic and ultimately died on me. Panicked striken was me and for a moment I seriously felt like something was missing. Althought , I had already planned to buy the new iPhone 3G.

Called the Apple Support, which unsurprisingly kept me on hold for close to 35 minutes. I had never owned an Apple product but had always heard about their prompt and friendly customer service. The wait was definitely worth it and moreover I had no choice but to wait.

Customer service was excellent. The agent tried to troubleshoot but in vain. He asked me what went wrong and how? and offcourse I made up stories ;). Couldnt tell him it was water damaged, but attention, the gurus at Apple has found a solution to this masquerading. You just cant make up stories, if your iPhone is water-damaged or abused, they will find it out and hence your warranty wont cover it.

So how do they find out: there is a sensor right at the bottom of your ear-phone jack which turns Red from pristine White incase of a water-damaged. And that was the case with mine too.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I started searching on google on how to deal with this crises :) . I want to call it a crisis because it really was, like I said having it not working was like something really missing ;).
Thank Goodness , I reached this site:

Where fellow iPhone user who went through the similar horrendous situations were able to fix their respective phones. Simiple solution place your phone inside a rice bag and let it suck up all the moisture from it. I did as told, lo and behold, after 18 hours of nail-biting wait, it finally worked :) . Smiles all over the place my phone is back to normal. "My Precious" afterall :D

Friday, August 01, 2008