Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Ever Shariah Compliant ETF

"you can still go to heaven if you hold these portfolios" lol :) ... first ever Shariah-compliant ETF :


Fund your research :)

Ok this is hilarious:

this is how you go about funding your research :


Quotes from the Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

"Moreover among the many rules that govern the bazaars of Lahore is this: if a woman is harassed by a man, she has the right to appeal to the brotherly instinct of the mob, and the mob is known to beat men who annoy their sisters."

"Indeed, in our poetry and folk songs intoxication occupies a recurring role as a facilitator of love and spiritual enlightment."

"Its remarkable, I must say, how being in Pakistan heightens one sensitivity to the sight of a woman's body. It's the effect of scarcity: one's rules of propriety makes one 'thirst' for the improper."

"Its like I'm an oyster. I've had this sharp speck inside me for a long time and, I've been trying to make it more comfortable. So slowly, I've turned it into a pearl."

"Lahore was the last major city in a contiguous swath of Muslim lands stretching as far west as Morocco and had therefore that quality of understated bravado characterstic of frontier towns."

Customer Service at Krogers

Well, I've been fretting about how expensive most of the stuffs are at Krogers compared to Walmart. I've been doing it for a while. On the contrary, I keep visiting Krogers, because of it's proximity to my residence.

I have observed that, to my surprise, that when it comes to produce Kroger trumps over Walmart. Also their plethora of organic fruits and vegetables are unbeatable. Still other brands(besides Krogers) are over-prized. The reason I believe is they want to entice shoppers to buy their brand and, even more give you substantial discount with your Krogers card.

Coming back to my experience. I happened to buy a watermelon from Krogers which was totally bland and unripe. I really wouldn't have bothered if it was slightly better. Because if it isn't sweet (but ripe) I normally mix it with a sweetner like Rooh- Afza and drink it like juice. This one being unripe was totally worthless.

Please bear in mind, you might find this quiet normal and this post wouldn't hardly make any sense, but for me this was an extra-ordinary customer service. Because I hail from a country where customer service is by default "not there :)."

So I decided to complain to the customer service at Krogers about how bad the watermelon was, and the concerned rep, reacted very calmly. As if this was the case with every watermelon they sold. She politely advised me to get a new watermelon and on top of that I had the choice to get it cut and make sure it was ripe enough. I did the requested and picked one which seemed ok. It was chopped and shown to me and this one too was pink from inside. They cut an another one and finally it was strawberry red :p. They wrapped the watermelon nicely for me and I felt good. Isn't that what customer service is all about - make you feel good ?

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English Grammar 101

Bought vs Brought

if you pay for something you use 'bought'

and if you bring something you use 'brought'

For ex: I bought this for you at the local store in Chicago and
brought it all the way from there.

in vs into

you use 'in' when u're describing a position of an object or a person

you use 'into' if you are describing movement

for ex: the fishes were in the pond and were moving into the river.
(the sentence doesn't make sense but whatever :))

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