Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aloneness Vs Loneliness

Gautam Budha insisted to his disciples: "Be a light unto yourself."

Ultimately we have to learn to live alone. We have to develop in each of us the capacity to guide ourselves through darkness without a companion : all alone.

That brings us to the aloneness vs loneliness debate. Loneliness is being deprived of something while aloneness is the presence of oneself. You start with loneliness and its height is aloneness i.e. you get so used to staying lonely that you get enconsed to it and you end up enjoying it (aloneness).

For furthur reading refer to this article by Osho:
9. Aloneness

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BS : " C++ is a waste of time "

Acronymn BS in the caption might mean bullshit, but wait till you read the entire article on why Bjarne Stroustoup created C++ in the first place.

Excerpts from the leaked interview of Bjare Stroustrup (BS) the creator of C++.

Stroustrup: Well, it's been long enough, now, and I believe most people have figured out for themselves that C++ is a waste of time but, I must say, it's taken them a lot longer than I thought it would.
Interviewer: So how exactly did you do it?
Stroustrup: It was only supposed to be a joke, I never thought people would take the book seriously. Anyone with half a brain can see that object-oriented programming is counter-intuitive, illogical and inefficient.
Interviewer: What?
Stroustrup: And as for 're-useable code' - when did you ever hear of a company re-using its code?
Interviewer: Well, never, actually, but...

This link provides the entire interview. Interview with IEEE's Computer Magazine.

International Breast Milk Project

Ever wonder what happens to the bulk of expired food items that are of no use. I never thought about it till I saw this box of Whey Proteins which had expired a month ago.

I wondered who would buy that but I later learned to my surprise that all the expired food items are actually exported to hunger striken Africa. This on Genetic Food by Hurmut Meyer of GENET ( European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering ) furthurs this observation.

This Time magazine article caught my eyes. International Breast Milk Project started by Jill Youse took the step no mother would ever take: she actually began shipping the extra breast milk to Africa beacuse she produced more than what her baby desired.

Taking such a tread would be an herculean task for us, so I guess the least we can do is not to waste the food that is bestowed on us.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Homosexuality is Biological

Recent study have shown that some rams turn gay just because of a distinctive smaller size of a part of their brain.

And this particular research conducted by the scientists in US has resulted in an outcry from the gay and the lesbian community.,23599,21000495-401,00.html