Tuesday, January 16, 2007

International Breast Milk Project

Ever wonder what happens to the bulk of expired food items that are of no use. I never thought about it till I saw this box of Whey Proteins which had expired a month ago.

I wondered who would buy that but I later learned to my surprise that all the expired food items are actually exported to hunger striken Africa. This on Genetic Food by Hurmut Meyer of GENET ( European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering ) furthurs this observation.

This Time magazine article caught my eyes. International Breast Milk Project started by Jill Youse took the step no mother would ever take: she actually began shipping the extra breast milk to Africa beacuse she produced more than what her baby desired.

Taking such a tread would be an herculean task for us, so I guess the least we can do is not to waste the food that is bestowed on us.

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Tomas Creo said...

Hard to believe that you didn't know about this before.