Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BS : " C++ is a waste of time "

Acronymn BS in the caption might mean bullshit, but wait till you read the entire article on why Bjarne Stroustoup created C++ in the first place.

Excerpts from the leaked interview of Bjare Stroustrup (BS) the creator of C++.

Stroustrup: Well, it's been long enough, now, and I believe most people have figured out for themselves that C++ is a waste of time but, I must say, it's taken them a lot longer than I thought it would.
Interviewer: So how exactly did you do it?
Stroustrup: It was only supposed to be a joke, I never thought people would take the book seriously. Anyone with half a brain can see that object-oriented programming is counter-intuitive, illogical and inefficient.
Interviewer: What?
Stroustrup: And as for 're-useable code' - when did you ever hear of a company re-using its code?
Interviewer: Well, never, actually, but...

This link provides the entire interview. Interview with IEEE's Computer Magazine.

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Tomas Creo said...

Yup this interview has been floating around the net for quite a few years now but I believe its entirely false. I remember reading a section about this in PC magazine with BS claiming that the interview was a hoax and complete BS. It was BS but not by BS.