Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Linkin Park - What I've Done

Let mercy come !!!!
and wash awayyyyyyy
What I've Done !!!

An attempt by Linkin Park to help us introspect and realize how selfish we all have been.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fatimid Dynasty- Time of Imam Moiz AS - 2

Well sometime ago I blogged about the scientific and cultural advancements made during the times of Imam Moiz AS.

Fatimid Imam refers to the hierarchy of Imams that started from Moulatena Fatema tus Zahra (the only daughter of Prophet Mohammed SA).

Here in this new video:

The claims made are justified.Historian Basil Davidson looks at the splendour of Old Cairo under the Shia Fatimid dynasty. He details how the return of Europe to prominance following its long period of backwardness and slumber (aka the Dark Ages) was founded upon the economic stability of Afria - as seen in the fact that European gold coins were mindted in African gold. We also see how Euroepan Renaissance art depicted Africans as dignified equals, much as the ancient Greeks had.

This is during the Time of Imam Moiz AS who was the pioneer of science and technology. He is also the founder of the Al -Azhar University in Cairo. One of the oldest institution in the world.

Moreover the Astrolabe discovered during the times of Imam Moiz AS was more like a modern GPS. As mentioned here.

Cairo is known as Al Moizzatul Kahera in Arabic no guesses after its founder Imam Moiz AS. This was the booming time of the Fatimid Dynasty when it spread far and wide to Eastern Africa and southern Europe.

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

Cheer up !!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alicia Keys - no one with lyrics

I lurveeeee this song ...damn coool ....

all right all rightt
everything gonna be all right :)

Dream of Death

Well yeah I am not going to re-write the Sigmund Freud's version of "Interpretations of Dreams".

Dream of Death on a Birthday. Driving in a icy-cold weather and unable to see anything. Dark night glowing by falling snow and dunes of ice collected on sides of the streets. For some reason, didn’t feel like stopping the car and kept driving fast, with the car coming to a halt only after colliding with a mini mountain of snow. Seconds later; car floating in water with the seat belt fasten making the driver almost stationary. Everything in a stand-still state.

All that could be seen was the entire life and those very precious moments. No panic, no fear of death, intrepid. "When we die, death smiles at us, all we can do is smile back !!!" echoing in the ears. Prepared for the final journey with only her face all around, everywhere. Gasping for breath; Suddenly an urge to see this God's creation for the final time. Opened the eyes and wide awake.

Read somewhere that Death is nothing but a new beginning. Indeed! "every new beginning comes from some of the beginning's end " famous Semisonic's Lyrics (closing time). Well this could be a new beginning a new career a new job and time to bury the past. This was one positive explanation of such a dream given here.

Also it could mean fear of loosing someone very important in your life. That very important person whom you would actually be seen when the "Malik Ul Maut in Quran (yamdoot in Hinduism)" takes away your soul.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ponting bamboozled by Ishant Sharma

Perth Test - Chak De India :)

Yes, the justice was served, when Symonds was given out LBW to an inside edge to Kumble. I knew then and there that their was this divine intervention and we would win.

He is the same Symonds who didnt have the ethics to walk off when he had nicked the ball off Ishant Sharma at Sydney. A great Test nonetheless, but everyone is well aware of the grotesque sledging scene. The arguments that followed and the blame-game which furthur bloated the classic adage of Cricket being "A Gentlemen's Game".

India is back and with a spark; a blend of zestful youthfullness mixed with maturity of the oldies.
This test created history with Kumble taking his 600th wicket. A humble servant of Indian Cricket who is passionately serving his country. He has delivered on numerous occasion. An unsung hero whose hardwork and determination cannot be forgotten. I still remember his partnership with Srinath against Australia at Banglore and his 10-wickets hold at Delhi against Pakistan.

We cannot take the credit away from Laxman, who shephard the tail and was able to guide India to a respectable 413. This is not the first time Laxman has shown his heroics; you cant imagine an Indian Test team void of Laxman. He is inseparable.

Not to forget the resurgence of Irfan Pathan who played beyond his experience. His classic swing bowling reminded of that 1st over Hatrick against Pakistan. His batting which keeps improving also proved valuable and without doubt he deserved the man-of the match award.

Last but not the least, find above the youtube video of the duel between Ponting and Ishant. Bhajji gone now Ponting is the new bunny of our Ishant.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mazar of Sayedi Abdul Rasool Shaheed QS

Find here the photos of new mazaar complex that is under consruction in my native place Banswara :). Inshallah the project should be over soon, and we invite zaerins (pilgrims) from all over the world to our little world :).

Photo courtesy: http://www.mazarat.com/

Proposed Masjid Masjid Under-construction

Mawaid (Place to eat) under construction musafir-khana( place to sleep)

Meaning of Titles

1. Sayedis Sajjad

This is the name given to Imam ZAin-ul-Abedeen. "Sayed" in arabic means leader and Sajjad refers to those who prostrate (do sujud) before Allah. Imam AS was called so because he used to pray a lot (around 1000 rakaats) per day and rightly called Sayedis Sajjad for the same reason.

2. Jaffar ut-tayyar
Jafar at tayyar was the commander of Rasulallah's Army during the battle of Mautah. He was a very loyal and humble servant of Rasulallah SA. He fought bravely and sacrificed himself for Rasulallah SA in the same way as Abbas Alamdaar did during Ashura.
It is said that when the news of Jaffer-at Tayyar reached Rasulallah SA, he announced to Jaffer's tribe that Allah has granted Jaffer Jannat and also given him two wings with which he could fly like a bird (tayyar). And hence he is known as Jaffer at-tayyar.

3. Ahle-Bait
Ahl-e-Bait in the Holy Quran is referred to the Bayt(household) of Rasulallah SA. "Ahl" means the righteous. The members of the household comprised of : RAsulallah SA, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Fatema tus Zahra, Imam Hasan Ibn Ali, and Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (AS).

Friday, January 18, 2008

Moulana Ali AS's Humbleness :)

One day our 1st Imam, Moulana Ali (AS) went to the market with his servant, Qambar. There he bought 2 shirts, one which was really nice and expensive and the other which was not as nice.

When Moulana Ali (A) returned home he gave the better shirt to Qambar and kept the other one for himself.

Qambar toll Moulana Ali (A) that it would look better if he wore the nicer shirt as he was the leader of the Muslims while Qambar himself was only a servant.

Moulana Ali (AS) answered that Qambar should wear the nicer shirt because he was younger and so it would suit him better; but more importantly Ameer ul Mumineer (AS) told him that he was a guide for the Muslims and so had to set a good example for them by leading a simple life.


  1. You should always give away the nicer thing.
  2. You should be happy with a few simple things and not want so many things.

"mohsin meri lahad mein woh manzar ajub tha
jub meine khud ali sey kaha Ya Ali Madad :)"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Ravana of Cricket

Remember that omniscient saint Ravan who kidnapped Lordess Sita; from saint he became an evil. But still remained all-knowing and also justified his wrongdoings to such an extent that he had to pay it with his life.

Yes after all that happened in the Second Test at Sydney, here is a pic of a new form of evil in Cricket. This evil has kidnapped Bhajji :). The only difference is Lordess Sita was fully innocent while Bhajji along with the Rawana in this case has his share of wrongdoings too. But still in the end Ravana lost and Bucknor too got sacked. Lets see what fate awaits Bhajji :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jennings and Favre

Hell yeah !!!!

Packers move on to the AFC Championship game. Another feather in Brett Favre's celebrated cap.

And yeah you wouldnt believe it...but I did...i knew Greg Jennings would make it to NFL ....he did and after all the hope I expressed in the last post ...he delivered ...that too in style .....definately cheered me up after the dissappointing Steelers loss last Saturday .....

Greg Jennings's Stats:
6 Receptions for 71 yards with 2 touchdowns. Yes 2 touchdown which came at very crucial times. One was scored when the Packers were down 14 points; this got them on the scoreboard with 7-14. The second touchdown helped them take the lead 21-14.

Favre with his team of young guns: Jennings, Grant, Driver literally buried the Seahawks in Lambeau Winter Wonderland. The 15-year dream of Favre of playing in snow finally came alive.

Now lets hope again that the Giants beat the Cowboys tomorrow which will give the Packers home-field advantage.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Proud Alumni

-He has developed into a reliable playmaker for the NFC North division-winning Green Bay Packers
-He has caught 50 passes for 878 yards
-Scored 12 touchdowns in his second pro season
-And he caught the record-breaking catch (421 touchdown throws) of Gunslinger Brett Favre against the Minnesota Vikings
-He played for the Western Michigan Broncos :)
-An alumni of WMU

Yes ...he is Greg Jennings the Wide Receiver and an unsung hero of the Greenbay Packers.....we have nothing in common except the last line....

Yeah, I have seen him play at the Waldo Stadium. Every single Bronco Fan would direly wish that the ball is thrown to him. It would gurrantee a touchdown. I always had a feeling that he would make it to NFL and he actually did. Afterall he broke numerous records at Western.

I am waiting to see how he performs in his first appearance at a playoff game this Saturday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Christmas Day Miracles

Hew are few miracles that might take you by surprise and pacify your anxiety after the tragedy mentioned in the post below.

1. Toddler escaped unharmed

A two year old toddler named Teagan shoved a screw-driver through her eye while her parents were praying at the church. She was at the church too. She grew fidgety and decided to hop into this room where children’s play. What bothers me is: what was a screw driver doing there? And even more astounding is the fact that this room is monitored by adults.

This image on the right describes how deeply she had inserted it. And to everybody's surprise she escaped unharmed; with a little gash in her eye. The X-Ray indicated that she poked it 5 cm into her her brain and the doctors removed it without any bleeding.

2. Alcides Moreno

Alcides Moreno fell from a 47-storry building and survived. He was a cleaner and fell along with his brother. His brother passed away but he luckily survived. Since the fall he has been in comma, on Christmas he spoke his first words:

When wife Rosario would visit him, she would take his hand to stroke her face. On Christmas Day, Moreno himself reached up and stroked the face of a nurse. Rosario Morales said to him (in a gentle manner), "'You're not supposed to do that. You touch your wife, you're not supposed to touch the nurse," to which Moreno spoke for the first time and said, "What did I do?"

Really emotional isn’t it?

A fact to note: only 50 percent of people survive from a 3-storey fall, this was 47 -storey.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Believe it or Not !!

What is more scary:
1. A Siberian tiger weighing 250+ pounds on a man-hunt?
2. A hooligan running after you with a knife or a gun?

Recently on Christmas day a Siberian Tiger Tatiana ran berserk; jumped the enclosure fence, killed a patron and injured two other visitors.

Sounds freaky!!! ...well what is more interesting is this statement made by a Surgeon treating the injured visitors:

San Francisco General Hospital surgery chief William Schechter noted the men's wounds were not as serious than injuries from gunshots or knife attacks.
Everyone is focused that this is a tiger because we have a primordial fear of animals. The most dangerous predator in the city of San Francisco is man, not tiger," Dr Schechter said.

Point to be noted: humans are more dangerous than these wild predators. So does it that mean we are safer in wilderness than our civilizations??

Effort, Worth it

Better late then never!!!

Until today I dread the time when my mom used to bound me between two huge cousins of mine and make me learn multiplication tables. The cousins too had made it their goal to turn me into some whiz, which offcourse didnt happen;). I wondered ever since why pressurize someone to learn things that early. Was it that necessary?

Also, while studying here in the US, came across certain curriculum which we had already learned in our high school. Surprising it seemed then;

The pressure of 10th and 12th grade too was hurculean; to an extent that not only yours but your familiy's enitre esteem was banking on your performance in those All-India based examinations. Also your career too is dependent on how you perform.

So much for the education level and competetiveness. Never understood the importance. Always felt slogged and exhausted; with everything seemed so futile.

Until today when I came across this article on NY Times:

To summarize the article:
The Japanese are rueing that their standard of education is way below the Indians. And eventually they fear that they will be lagging behind us. The solution: they have decided to adopt the Indian Standard of teaching and learning into their system.

Thats one more reason to feel proud :)