Friday, January 18, 2008

Moulana Ali AS's Humbleness :)

One day our 1st Imam, Moulana Ali (AS) went to the market with his servant, Qambar. There he bought 2 shirts, one which was really nice and expensive and the other which was not as nice.

When Moulana Ali (A) returned home he gave the better shirt to Qambar and kept the other one for himself.

Qambar toll Moulana Ali (A) that it would look better if he wore the nicer shirt as he was the leader of the Muslims while Qambar himself was only a servant.

Moulana Ali (AS) answered that Qambar should wear the nicer shirt because he was younger and so it would suit him better; but more importantly Ameer ul Mumineer (AS) told him that he was a guide for the Muslims and so had to set a good example for them by leading a simple life.


  1. You should always give away the nicer thing.
  2. You should be happy with a few simple things and not want so many things.

"mohsin meri lahad mein woh manzar ajub tha
jub meine khud ali sey kaha Ya Ali Madad :)"

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