Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meaning of Titles

1. Sayedis Sajjad

This is the name given to Imam ZAin-ul-Abedeen. "Sayed" in arabic means leader and Sajjad refers to those who prostrate (do sujud) before Allah. Imam AS was called so because he used to pray a lot (around 1000 rakaats) per day and rightly called Sayedis Sajjad for the same reason.

2. Jaffar ut-tayyar
Jafar at tayyar was the commander of Rasulallah's Army during the battle of Mautah. He was a very loyal and humble servant of Rasulallah SA. He fought bravely and sacrificed himself for Rasulallah SA in the same way as Abbas Alamdaar did during Ashura.
It is said that when the news of Jaffer-at Tayyar reached Rasulallah SA, he announced to Jaffer's tribe that Allah has granted Jaffer Jannat and also given him two wings with which he could fly like a bird (tayyar). And hence he is known as Jaffer at-tayyar.

3. Ahle-Bait
Ahl-e-Bait in the Holy Quran is referred to the Bayt(household) of Rasulallah SA. "Ahl" means the righteous. The members of the household comprised of : RAsulallah SA, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Fatema tus Zahra, Imam Hasan Ibn Ali, and Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (AS).

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