Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Effort, Worth it

Better late then never!!!

Until today I dread the time when my mom used to bound me between two huge cousins of mine and make me learn multiplication tables. The cousins too had made it their goal to turn me into some whiz, which offcourse didnt happen;). I wondered ever since why pressurize someone to learn things that early. Was it that necessary?

Also, while studying here in the US, came across certain curriculum which we had already learned in our high school. Surprising it seemed then;

The pressure of 10th and 12th grade too was hurculean; to an extent that not only yours but your familiy's enitre esteem was banking on your performance in those All-India based examinations. Also your career too is dependent on how you perform.

So much for the education level and competetiveness. Never understood the importance. Always felt slogged and exhausted; with everything seemed so futile.

Until today when I came across this article on NY Times:

To summarize the article:
The Japanese are rueing that their standard of education is way below the Indians. And eventually they fear that they will be lagging behind us. The solution: they have decided to adopt the Indian Standard of teaching and learning into their system.

Thats one more reason to feel proud :)

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