Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dream of Death

Well yeah I am not going to re-write the Sigmund Freud's version of "Interpretations of Dreams".

Dream of Death on a Birthday. Driving in a icy-cold weather and unable to see anything. Dark night glowing by falling snow and dunes of ice collected on sides of the streets. For some reason, didn’t feel like stopping the car and kept driving fast, with the car coming to a halt only after colliding with a mini mountain of snow. Seconds later; car floating in water with the seat belt fasten making the driver almost stationary. Everything in a stand-still state.

All that could be seen was the entire life and those very precious moments. No panic, no fear of death, intrepid. "When we die, death smiles at us, all we can do is smile back !!!" echoing in the ears. Prepared for the final journey with only her face all around, everywhere. Gasping for breath; Suddenly an urge to see this God's creation for the final time. Opened the eyes and wide awake.

Read somewhere that Death is nothing but a new beginning. Indeed! "every new beginning comes from some of the beginning's end " famous Semisonic's Lyrics (closing time). Well this could be a new beginning a new career a new job and time to bury the past. This was one positive explanation of such a dream given here.

Also it could mean fear of loosing someone very important in your life. That very important person whom you would actually be seen when the "Malik Ul Maut in Quran (yamdoot in Hinduism)" takes away your soul.

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