Monday, January 28, 2008

Fatimid Dynasty- Time of Imam Moiz AS - 2

Well sometime ago I blogged about the scientific and cultural advancements made during the times of Imam Moiz AS.

Fatimid Imam refers to the hierarchy of Imams that started from Moulatena Fatema tus Zahra (the only daughter of Prophet Mohammed SA).

Here in this new video:

The claims made are justified.Historian Basil Davidson looks at the splendour of Old Cairo under the Shia Fatimid dynasty. He details how the return of Europe to prominance following its long period of backwardness and slumber (aka the Dark Ages) was founded upon the economic stability of Afria - as seen in the fact that European gold coins were mindted in African gold. We also see how Euroepan Renaissance art depicted Africans as dignified equals, much as the ancient Greeks had.

This is during the Time of Imam Moiz AS who was the pioneer of science and technology. He is also the founder of the Al -Azhar University in Cairo. One of the oldest institution in the world.

Moreover the Astrolabe discovered during the times of Imam Moiz AS was more like a modern GPS. As mentioned here.

Cairo is known as Al Moizzatul Kahera in Arabic no guesses after its founder Imam Moiz AS. This was the booming time of the Fatimid Dynasty when it spread far and wide to Eastern Africa and southern Europe.

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