Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Believe it or Not !!

What is more scary:
1. A Siberian tiger weighing 250+ pounds on a man-hunt?
2. A hooligan running after you with a knife or a gun?

Recently on Christmas day a Siberian Tiger Tatiana ran berserk; jumped the enclosure fence, killed a patron and injured two other visitors.,25197,22981866-2703,00.html

Sounds freaky!!! ...well what is more interesting is this statement made by a Surgeon treating the injured visitors:

San Francisco General Hospital surgery chief William Schechter noted the men's wounds were not as serious than injuries from gunshots or knife attacks.
Everyone is focused that this is a tiger because we have a primordial fear of animals. The most dangerous predator in the city of San Francisco is man, not tiger," Dr Schechter said.

Point to be noted: humans are more dangerous than these wild predators. So does it that mean we are safer in wilderness than our civilizations??

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