Thursday, December 16, 2004

Trip To Detroit-- Cotinued

So , we ordered more food along with Hummous. The food came in late, by that time we had eaten so many naans with hummous that we were already full. We didnt know what to do with the rest of the food, but we had to eat it. It was expensive after all. And it was tasty i mean i cant tell u , i have never eaten such a food in my 2 years here in US.

So slowly slowly we finished the meat part but left the rice. We had no choice other to stuff ourselves. Remember we had to go back to home too. So better sense prevailed and we didnt bother to eat the rice. Now when the bill came we were shocked, I mean we were expecting that , but it was beyond expectation. And the tip too dont ask me how expensive it was. But no need to crib coze that was expected.

Next, we had to go to MSU in Lansing , to meet my friend who had stored some stuffs which my mom had sent with him from Kuwait one and a half years ago. He mailed me couple of times to come and pick up the stuffs, coze they were occupying a lot of space in the space starved dormitory room. But It wasnt possible for me to go there coze of my busy schedule and daily routine. So finally we get a chance to meet and a chance for him to get rid of my stuffs.

We had to wait for him coze he was busy giving exams. We decided to go around the university. I knew that this uni was bigger than ours and more prestigious, so i wasnt startled to see the building and infrastructure. But , one of my friend was he felt bad that our uni sucked and what not. I consoled him saying that dude that this one is more expensive. It was a false advice coze it was not true. But something had to be done to calm him down.

Finally got a call from him that i could meet him at his dorm room. The dorms were so huge infact humongous. Way bigger than ours. It took us some time to figure out the right place where he would be waiting for us. We met him and he escorted us to his dorm room where the parcels were kept packed and untouched. I introduced him to my friends and a quick well wishing. I apologized him saying , " Sorry bro my stuffs have been a big pain for u for a whole year." He frowned and retorted, " Hatim its actually one and half." I felt embarrased i told him sorry again and thats it we were gone.

When we reached the car, i was so anxious to open my parcel that i didnt even wait to go home. Oh such a great feeling to get some stuffs from home. Especially from my mom. She is the only person in the world who understands me better than anyone. She knows what suites me what doesnt. What are my like my dislikes. Mom i just love you. I knew that the clothes she send would definately be awesome . Only worry whether it would fit me. Its been 1 and half year, imagine.

The best part abt my mom is the packing . I mean over years by sending stuffs to my folks in india she has become such an expert packer that she finds numerous ways to make a parcel as small as possible. I m serious she is an adept parcel maker. The entire thing looked small , never expected yhat it would contain so many clothes. But it did. They were all so awesome , that i cant tell you. The type of clothes i like , after all she is my mom. Pity , couldnt try out my clothes in the car , had to wait to reach home.

Dozed off in the car, reached home checked out the clothes and they were perfect. Thank God. Had to sleep early coze next morning were planning to go to Chicago.


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