Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Deen Vs Duniya

Dear Friends

I have been reading your posts and its assume that it is very important to strike a proper balance between deen and duniya. As mentioned in the above past Islam - a way of life should be treated as such. WE should make it mundane along with worldly activity and not treat it as an obligation.

Now various reason why ppl choose over duniya than deen could be very well figured. Allah Subhanahu Himself has warned the humans in the Quran that all the wordly pleasures bestowed to you are a test of ur faith:

(And know that your possessions and your children are but a trial and that surely with Allah is a mighty reward.) (Qur'an 8:28)

Prophet Mohammed SA quoted in his hadith sharif that:
"When the All-Mighty Allah gives a person whatever he loves of the worldly benefits despite his disobedience, then that is a gradual enticement."

Enticement here means that Allah is trying to entice you into worldly pleasures and a person whose faith in deen is fragile , is going to fall in that trap. If Adam Nabi could fall in such a trap than we are mere gunehgaar bandhaoo.

Those who hold on to the false life of the world, yearning for material benefits may be distracted from obedience, worship and performing their religious duties on time and in a perfect manner.And thus it explains why so many of us are renouncing our deen for the sake of duniya.

One Bhaisaheb delivering his sermon , said that this life is a journey, and humans need there provisions for this life. And for Hereafter( after you die) you need ur piety that is deen. So people let us strengthen our deen so that the life in this world and Hereafter too is a bliss.
Therefore we must be thankful to Allah Suhanahu for His immense barakaats.

Reminds me of a Bayaan of Aqa Moula during the Houston Ashara of 1422. It is the easiest way to remember Allah Subhanahu in ur mundane activities.Aqa Moula tus Farmavey chey ke:
"Mumineen ni Jamaat, tamey jewarey suwo aney jewarey aankhein khule to kaho Labaik Allah Huma Labaik,upar si utaro to kaho Labaik Allah huma Labaik, Motor maa jawo to kaho Labaik Allah Humma Labaik, KAfilat maley to kaho Labaik Allah Humma LAbaik,".

Thus we can benefit from the teachings of our Auliya Kiram SA and bayaan sharifa of our beloved Aqa Moula TUS. We should follow is farmaans and i m sure we will have the pleasures of duniya and also obtain spirituality. And I am sure that by adopting such a way of life,we needn't worry because we have a Dai in Aqa Moula TUS who is going to take us into heaven Inshallah.

Always remember this saying from Moulana Ali Ibn Abi Talib (SA):
"The life of this world is a home of truth for the one who is truthful in it, a home of safety for the one who understands it perfectly, and a home of richness for the one who prepares his provisions there from."

Allah hafiz


Juzar Sh Yusuf bhai said...

You write very well and it would benefit a lot to more Mumineen if you posted on DBNet (mumineen.org). There would be 2 things, people who moderate the group are well trained and have raza for deen matters especially from Moula (TUS) for moderating these messages, therefore your views and writeups will get even better, polished and precise. Secondly a larger number of audience will benefit from it.

rashida said...

its wonderful work hatim keep it up!!!!!!!