Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Importance of Wasila

very important point to ponder....this could indeed define our every way of life way of thinking.
I mean why do so many bohras go to Dargahs. Why do they ask for razaa from Aqa moula TUS . Why do ppl take such minnats of dais and duwaat kiraam. Are we turning a normal human being into God. Doing this is indeed shirk that is associationg Allah Subhanahu with someone else, and anyone commiting such a sin is doomed to hell.

Here is the explanations:

Remember Sajda of Imam Hussain AS and the sacrifice he made in Karbala. Everyone knew his shaan and there was no way that munafaikeens could win. Ask yourself a question why did he accept such a defeat ? why did he sacrifice Ahle-Bait ?

Ponder, u will realise that he did all this for the betterment of the us . Unki wajah se aaj humara bedaa paar hain. What power does he have to prevent us from going to hell?

Why did Maa Fatema AS collect her tears to suppress the fire of hell on mumineens? If Allah is supreme then what right does she have to do such a bold act ?

Do you remember the Rivayaat of the Arabi who came to Rasule-Khuda seeking kids? didn't Jibraeel said that ask him to take the wasila of Imam Hussain AS and he was bestowed with 7 kids?

How many times in a day u say Ya Ali Madad when u r suffering from pain or anguish ? Dont u think that u r asking Ali Ibn abi Talib and not Allah ? does this make Ali Greater than Allah ? No , u r seeking his help in asking to Allah's. Isn't that a wasila ?

Our Nabis (AS) Panjatan Pak (AS) Imam (AS) Dai and Duwaaats are ethereal human beings. They have knowledge beyond contemplation. With there knowledge they have explained us the true meaning of The Quran. They have helped us to make distinction between the right and the wrong path.

They are to an extent reponsible for what we are, so why do we hesitate to take there wasila when we seek something from Allah Subhanahu.

Allah Hafiz

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