Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mullahs on the Mainframe By Jonah Blanks

Mullahs on the Mainframe by Jonah Blank.I came across this book on some internet site. I was lucky to find this book in my university library and to my surprise I found that this book is one of the famous circulation at the library. It was indeed a surprise coze i dont know any other Bohra living hereexcept me and one another.

Its written by Jonah Blank , a Harvard Univeristy Graduate. He came under Bohra influence through his roommate at HU. He visited India and Pakistan and lived with surrogate parents for 2-3 years . He learned Dawat ni zabaan and Arabic and rummaged through libraries ofJamiya in Surat and Karachi.

This book is indeed a great book to read. It gives the ethnography (our history), culture, traditions , beliefs of our bohra cast . It described the complex problems faced by various Dai's and Imam's. It describes how we managed to survive such times as the AbbysidOppressions, the world Wars, Indian Independence and how various firqas broke from mainstream bohras.

It talks abt status of women , importance of marriage , marriage rituals , then haram and halal our dayaams. For everything he quotes he gives a reason why we follow such rites.

He also speaks how we blended well with the western culture and at the same time stayed pious and stuck to our never shaken faith in Allah Subhanahu, His Prophet , Ahlul- Bait , and His Aaal ( imamsand Dais).

He also describes how hard Aqa Moula (tus) has worked hard to definean identity for ourselves. Something that makes us different fromother Muslims. How technology has helped Bohras all over the worldto unite themselves.

In one sentence this book is a modern or western perspective to ourorthodox culture.

I have started to read this book and let me tell you i havent been addicted to reading like now. It is a must own book for every DB.

I m sure some of you have already read this book , if you have then plz tell me what do u think and if u havent then plz make every effort to get this book.Its a must own book for every Dawoodi Bohras. It will answer yourqueries.I have posted this message on other groups too , so i m sorry if Itried to spam u.Let me know if you have any more questions.

Khuda Hafiz

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