Friday, September 02, 2005

Looser George Lucas

This short article will clearly illustrate that George Lucas creator of Star Wars spoofed the concepts from Asimov's Foundation series. Wake up Star War geeks to this reality !!!!!!!!!!

George Lucas used elements of the Foundation series to construct the universe in which Star Wars is set, including propulsion by hyperdrive, lightsabers (evolved from force field penknives), and the Galactic Empire (although Lucas' Empire was by definition evil, while Seldon openly says that in principle the First Empire is not evil). Additionally, Coruscant, the imperial capital planet covered completely with buildings, is a direct borrowing of Asimov's Trantor. (Visually they are not exactly similar: Trantor is covered in domed cities, while Coruscant's buildings are open to the air.)


Thank goodness for WiKi.

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