Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Al Jame Al Juyushi

Al Jame Al Juyushi ( means the masjid of the commander of the army).

Al Jame'al Juyushi was built by Amir al Juyush, Badr al Jamali (RA) in the year 478H/1085AD. This Fatemi masjid was built on an edge of the Muqattam hills overlooking the city of al Qahera.

During the time of Imam Mustansir Billah, Badr Al Jamali a commander from Syria was invited to take control. Badr Al Jamali responded to this orders and took control in Cairo with his army. On his successful take over he was given the title of Amir al Juyush ( Commander of the Army) and later he built this masjid, and eventually it came to be known as Jame Al Juyushi :D

Thanks to internet, I was able to find the old pic of Jame-Juyushi ( before restoration) and after restoration. And this restoration too was done by our Aqa Moula TUS Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. This masjid's is a classic example of Fatimid architecture, and you can see that similar style is followed in newer masjids built by us.

So here is the pic of the Masjid before restoration:

And here is a pic after restoration:

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