Saturday, March 20, 2010

IPL Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders

lol...havent seen a game more funnier than this lol :) many injuries ...the funniest one was towards the ending ..when ganguly edged a bowl over to third man ...and the bowl bounced in the front on the catching fielder ..and hit his ear lol ....reminds me of laxman yesterday ..when he got hit by the ball thrown from a fielder ..poor laxman :D

- Munaf patel : loves to use his feet more while fielding than his hands ... reminiscence of the great Venkatesh Prasad or Anil Kumble ....who would dive after the bowl passed :) ...Patel actually tried to deflect a throw from the outfield on to the stumps at the non-strikers :) ..he did manage to save a boundary though .....and yes he cannot bend ...he plays like an old...lazy looking bowlers ...he just bowls good medium-pacers ...very deceptive :) thats all we (Royals) care about :)

- Saurav Ganguly it was hilarious watching Ganguly bat matter how hard he tried he couldnt clear the 30-yards circle :) was more like a desperate attempt to even connect the ball ...i think Ganguly should just retire ..even from IPL ..

- A Jhunjhunwala funny name ..even the English commentators find it hard to pronounce ....first time i heard ...the commentator referred to him as ..jhunajhunawaaala ..and today i heard ..jhunjhunwa.....whatever ..he is a kid ..who is hyper excited ..he needs to cool down ..i know he is batting good ....but adrenalin should be contained all these euphoria ..he dropped a sitter (a simple catch - a lollipop lol). But scored good ...46 valuable runs ..i cant believe i bought him for 100K (talking abt my fantasy Rajputana Rifles team) ...

- S Trivedi i know u have never heard of him ..and may be after IPL you will never hear of him :) ..but yeah he bowled well ..really well ..varied his pace ..and was very economical ..except the fact that the heat got the better of him :) cramps ...but he fought hard ..and bowled well after that ...even got a wicket ...that too middle stump knocked :)

- Faiz Fazal....he is another unknown player ..but he played well for his 35 odd runs ..clean hitter of the ball ...hopefully he will play again ...i guess Michael Lumb should be rested ...he is good for nothing ..really in fielding as well...

- Adam Vogues ....the highly touted all-rounder from Australia....might be the difference maker for us ....could he be the next Shane Watson for the Royals ?? only time will tell :) ..but he batter well for his 37 of 22 balls ..crucial runs ...that too in the middle order ....very imp contribution ...

- Shane Warne can u forget warnie ...the master thinker of them all .....made some really good bowling changes ..changed ends ...added variety to the bowling .and it paid its dividends ....we won :D

- Yousuf Pathan .....didnt do well with the bat but bowled very well ...took 2 wickets ..and with good economical bowling ....we are all waiting to see a cracker of an inning like the first one ..100 in 37 balls ..its not entirely elusive ..its very much on the cards ...just the matter of time ..may be this victory will give an impetus to such a knock again :D

Most important ..the pitch and the outfield was competitive ...the bowl turned well .it was a pleasure watching shane warne bowl those flippers ....and luckily we didnt have the moths invasion like the first match in ahmedabad :)

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new Rajasthan Royals team !!!


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