Saturday, March 13, 2010

Justajo hein Saba ko tere toor ki

This was a madeh (song of praise) that we Dawoodi Bohra Mumineen recite in respect of our Aqa Moula (TUS). The first two lines of the madeh are:

Justajoo hein sabaa ko tere toor ki
hein tajalli jaha rab-e-mastoor ki

and it got me thinking about the meaning of these two lines. Dont ask about the rest because its even more difficult to decipher. The wordings are a mix of Arabic and Urdu. And I being neither a native arabic or an Urdu speaker found it hard to understand.

But, I did make an effort to translate them. So it goes like this:

Justajoo (obsession)
sabaa (breeze)
toor (mountain)
So the first line could mean: Its the obsession of the breeze to reach your mountain.

Tajalli (Happiness)
rab (God)
And so the second line could mean: thats where the happiness of the hidden God lies.

So altogether it would mean, that the obsession of the breeze is to reach you, and in it lies the happiness of the hidden God (Allah). Breeze - which is the creation of Allah itself.

This got me intrigued as I started thinking of Imam Ahmed ul Mastoor AS - our 9th Imam. He was the sole author of Rasail Ikhwaan us Safa (Rasail - compilation, Ikhwaan - brotherhood, safa - purity).

There is a known rivawat(history) related to Imam Ahmad Ul Mastoor. It was during his Zaman( time in office) that there was this Abbasid Caliph called Mamoon, who had publicly declared that there was no deen (deen-religion in this case Islam). It was then that he compiled Ikhwaan Us Safa and secretly placed the book in every masjid. Through the book Imam AS proved tawheed(oneness of Allah) and established the righteousness of Shariat(Islamic way of life) through numerous disciplines like arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, botany, zoology etc.

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