Sunday, March 21, 2010

Al Masjid Al Azam bil Kufa

The heading in Arabic could be translated as - The Great masjid in Kufa. Yes one of the holiest shrines on shiite(followere of Ali Ibn Abi Talib) muslims is located in Kufa close to Najaf in Iraq.

This masjid hold a significant importance for the Shiite muslims, because it was the place where Ameer ul Mumineen ( the commander of the faithfuls) was martyred on 19th of Ramadan. The masjid has been restored to its past glory after close to 1400 years of neglect. It is the fourth important masjid in Islam after Masjid ul Nabawi in Medina, Masjid ul Haraam in Mecca, and Masjid ul Aqsa in Jerusalem.

This was done by none other than our Aqa Moula TUS - Sayedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. Here is a glimpse of how the masjid looked like before restoration:

And after restoration the masjid looks something like this:

Here is an article on, that summarizes the herculean effort our Moula TUS undertook in completing this masjid. Once again the article is flawed as its credits Mumbai based Bohras, because every Dawoodi Bohra mumin prayed and worked hard with our Moula to make this a success and obtain the khushi (benediction) of Moulana Ali.

Here in the picture is our Aqa Moula TUS praying at Kufa Masjid. Aqa Moula TUS - responsible for bringing this masjid back to its glory :)

Here is a glimpse of Fatimid (sons of Fatema tus Zahra) Architecture, which is very similar to what you would find at Al Jame Al Aqmar in Kahirah (cairo). The second pic is the from the Masjid Al Azam bil Kufa and the first is from Masjid Al Aqmer in Cairo built by 20th Imam - Imam Amir AS - also a Fatimid Ismaili Mustaali Imam :). This was built around 9-10th century.

Also, if you closely looked at the restored minarets of the masjid. You will find a stark resemblance to Al Jame Al Juyushi - another Fatemid masjid build during the zaman of Imam Mustansir billah, in Al Moizzatul Qahera ( Cairo which was conquered by Imam Moiz AS).

Al Jame Al Juyushi's minaret:

Al Masjid Al Azam's minaret:

As mentioned earlier Kufa masjid was the place where Moulana Ali Ibn Abi Talib was martyred by Ibn Muljim ( a kharajiite) on 19th of Ramadan. This happened when Ali AS was prostrating for the Fajr (early morning) prayer. And this happened in the Mehrab (the place where the custodian of the masjid prays).

In this Mehrab our Aqa Moula TUS placed this grand decorated Mudawwara (round shaped). In Kufi script its written "Fuzzto be rabbil Kaaba" which means - i swear to Allah (the lord of Kaaba) that I've won. These were the last words of Moulana Ali AS after he was attacked.

May Allah give long life to our beloved Aqa Moula TUS, and Inshallah give me an opportunity to visit Kufa Masjid.

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