Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freak Incident

Okay, so yesterday at the gym, I was going to the swimming pool. And to get to the swimming pool you have to go through the men's locker room. In the men's locker room there are showers, and one for handicapped people.

So when I went I saw a walking crutch with wheels and presumably someone was taking shower. After an hour or so, when I came back the crutches were still there. Along with me an another person too noticed the same. We were both thinking if the person sitting inside had a problem or something. I thought may be there was nobody inside. So I bended and saw from under the door, and I did see somebody's legs.

We knew something was wrong, but didnt know what to do. I didnt want to get involved in the first place, because if I did report something, and if there was an incident, then I would be the first responder or probably an eye-witness. Now you know what that means - going to the court and I didnt even have my license. I was seriously perplexed.

So, I told this to an another person, that someone is inside for more than an hour. And he without wasting anytime starting knocking at the door screaming if someone was inside. And after he knocked 4-5 times, there was finally a voice from inside ..and a big sigh of relief from my side :).

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