Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chandryaan finds Water on moon :)

Well it may seem like an old news. I quit following the progress of Chandrayaan-1 after its launch. I blogged about it way back in 2008. Here:

Just today I read that India plans to put a man in space by 2016. Here:
6 years might seem like a long-shot, but reminiscing you might recall that Chandrayaan-1 was announced in 2001 and launched in 2008. So this does seem like very possible.

Chandryaan-1 though was disbanded on September'2009 due to malfunctioning of a Sensor. Reminds me a lot about my field of work. May be the sensors were not diagnosed properly :). Just trying to be a smart-ass ;). I am sure more brilliant minded people work for ISRO. Sad story of its failure can be found here:

Well it was not really sad :) Because it was able to find water on moon. And this discovery led to jump-start of Chandrayaan-2. Which hopefully will be much better than the 1.

Here is an image from Chandrayaan-1 confirming the discovery of water on moon.

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