Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trip to Grand Canyon :)

Grand Canyon as seen from the plane above.

Some random visitor said: "Grand Canyon needs no man." lol for once i didnt understand, only later did I realize that it meant it needs no man to describe its awesomeness. :). After a while I thought it more philosophically and I also deduced that it could also mean 'no man' can create or destroy the Grand Canyon lol. The guy seemed literary, so I approached him to ask what he did for living and he was actually an author lol :). Talk of coincidence, recently he was in India in Bombay precisely to author a book on "xes" in religion. Lol i dont want to use the correct word, otherwise Google would bombard my visitors with "not so nice " ads ;) . Not to be offensive to Google, after all they are helping me, it was actually a credit to how good AdWords are ;) yeah right !!! I am not sucking up ever ;)

Grand Canyon - a place which the native Indians thought was the center of the Universe :) or whatever lol !!!

Thats what a might river (Colorado) can do - cut through rocks forming crevices in this case a canyon lol A Grand Canyon infact :)

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