Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvesting Corn :) - Part 2

So to continue the super long tutorial, which started here:

Harvesting Corn Part 1

It was discussed in the above link how the corn with the help of a combine, is harvested, chaffed, thrashed whatever, in the end all that is left are kernels. Isnt that awesome !!! i think it really is, because I have seen back home in India where everything is done manually, it takes forever. Well, its good in a country where so many people need to find vocation too.

Lets continue , the combine is pretty awesome lol for the umpteenth time :) . What was really fascinating about the combine, is the fact that it had a display in the cab, which monitors the corn real-time. It tells what is the moisture content of the corn, the yield per bushel, quality (grade) of corn etc etc. It generates charts displaying the yield per acre in fact per row which was really precise. So heres how the display looked like:

After the combine has collected enough yield, which of course is known by the load in the above mentioned display, its time to dump the yield into a tractor. Not exactly a tractor but more like a hauler. Like this:

In one of the pic, you will observe that the tractor follows the combine. The tractor dumps the corn (just the kernels) into a truck which then transports it to the storage facility. Lol I am sure you have seen trucks, but wth this is how a truck looks like lol..

Now the kernel rich in moisture, needs to be stored and duh !!! needs to be dried. Yes Genius !!! it needs to be shifted to a dryer. I am sure most you have seen this high-tower building in middle of corn-fields and never knew what it was. But your ignorance ends here lol, thats how I felt :) ...So the kernels are dumped into this underground bunker like ditch:

From here with the help of this conveyor belt that are moved to a high temperature dryers, where the moisture is removed and kept for storage. The moisture is constantly monitored to make sure the kernels don't rot. here is the conveyor belt:

The kernels through the conveyor belts are transferred to these huge dryers:

And we got the chance to climb to the top of the dryer. It was awesome a real exercise. If I was a farmer, I probably would have never had to work out. Few of the views from the top:

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