Thursday, October 01, 2009

Arabic 101 - Nouns and Adjectives subtlety in Arabic :)

Well after being able to read and write Arabic for close to hmm 16
years, I finally made this discovery:

That in Arabic unlike English a noun preceeds it's adjective. For
example in English you would say : a good boy - here the noun is: boy
and adjective is; good.

While in Arabic you would say: waladoon hasanatoon ... waladoon(boy)
and hasanatoon(good).

Well I'm in now way to judge the quality of deeni (religious) islamic
education in our Madresas (schools- Islamic), but I feel it lacks.
While teaching us to read and write arabic they could have taught us
how to speak and converse in Arabic.

I dunno if the other sect's madresas teach them to speak Arabic and
it's meaning. Maybe that's why even after boasting to have the second
largest Muslim population in the world, India can hardly claim to have
even 1% of entire World's Arabic speaker.And whoever among us
(Indians) has a slight mastery over this language, is hailed as a

I do agree, that to gain mastery you have to be able to converse in
the first place, which is not possible in India. Too bad, similar is
the case for Indians residing in Arab speaking countries. The
education ministries (vazaratul tarabiyaah - here too adjective comes
before noun) made in mandatory for aliens (ajaanibs) but
unfortunately ,the foreigners never conversed in Arabic. And
eventually never gained the prowess over the language.

A tragedy for the language of the Holy Quran.

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