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The most optimized (fastest) way to make Butter Chicken :p


This is for people on the go, who no matter how busy they are , still crave for butter chicken :p or malayee chicken.

As the name suggest it consists of butter so not entirely healthy yeah that's all the details I have with nutritional value :)

With optimized way I meant multi-tasking or quicker way to make it. please note that I don't list any fancy spices because it takes time to
arrange them :)

This is how you start:
take a pressure cooker, shown in the pic below.
heat some oil any kind.
while the oil is heating, defrost the chicken. don't defrost is too much.
while the oil heating and chicken is defrosting, don't sit idle lol :)
cut the onion .... two fine pieces ... and if u r quick at cutting the onions, watch the oil in the meantime :) ( key is heat the oil on low flame, optimization is good but not the extent of risking ones life :))
so now while the oil is hot enough, and onions finely cut , next step duhh :) fry the onions ... watch out for hot oil splashing oil mixes with water(moisture in the onions) .. fatal combination :)
While th onions are frying, and chicken defrosting.... cut green peppers ... they r not fancy and they are imp :) for taste ...
now fry the green chillies with the onions and let them fry till the onions turn golden brown lol ... don't think too hard brown onions are enuf lol ;)not black ... If they turn black u r done !!! u r not meant for Optimized Cooking :0... ur better off eating top ramen noodles :p

while the onions-chillies are frying take out the chicken (make sure it's boneless ) and cut it into medium pieces - not so big not so small :) ...

now add some butter to the mix of oil and onions and chillies and ginger-garlic paste - thanks to innovation in cooking u get the paste ready-made ... u don't have to crush the garlic or ginger ...;)

now the most important part ... add very little turmeric ... I mean it veryyyyy little ... there is no coming back if u put in too much of it ... u r done !!!! it will be all over ur mouth ... I mean the taste of turmeric lol... there is no fixing this fiasco !!!

then add a lil red chillies and garam masala :) ... if u add just garam masala  it's enuf ... but I add more coze I'm a gourmet chef lol ... just kidding ... I like the aroma of the spices :p .. i get a kick out of it :p

once the mix is all ready and u have used the correct amount... let it simmer for a while ...let it simmer till u smell the aroma :p mhmmmm

once u can smell that ... put in the murgi lol aka chicken :p ...mix it nicely and let it cook for 5-6 minutes ...... if u think it's too dry ... then add some water ... and taste it ...

Dang it we forgot the most imp -salt lol ... add it anytime .... as per taste duhhh :)

now add some more butter :p to add some more fat + ofcourse the fat oozing from the chicken ... constitute the cream- malayee in Hindi-language spoken in India-birth place of butter chicken lol :p

now if u want cut some tomatoes and add it to mix aka hodge-podge by now lol... let it cook ... keep pressing the chicken ... not with ur finger duhhh ... but with a fork to see of it is raw or cooked lol :p

if it's not then let it cook for a while ... sabar (patience) is imp :p... in the meantime heat some naan (or pita bread)... and if u still have time ... then yeah start cleaning up lol ... because it's YOU who have to do everything :p ... at least I don't let anyone enter the kitchen when I cook :p ..

last time I was able to cook it in 20min ...if you can cook it in less than that ..then urs will become the "The most optimized way to make Butter Chicken" lol ..... and the pic shows how it looks like ...if u pressurize the while mix with chicken ... it can get done in 15 minutes :p really ... I don't know I never tried :) I used the pressure cooker because that's the only decent multi-purpose utensil I have :p

for, measurment....u might want to check here: .....

though i believe, that the only best way to get a good at by trying ur own way first and make improvements will also learn ways to fix your fiasco's :) like add yogurt ( plain ofcourse :) ) if in case its too spicy ....or add lemon if its too salty ..but yeah with turmeric there is no fix !!!!!!! i meant it dont even try playing with it :P ..have fun cooking and eating and dont forget feeding :P

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Mustafa A. Biviji said...

Nice written/cooked ... and optimization/multitasking was great. Rather I am lazy to cook as i hate spending hours in the kitchen ... so this 20 minutes looks a nice deal
(I would manage to wash most of the utensils while cooking itself -thats the level of optimization I aim for).
Anyways thanks for sharing ... hope to share the butter chicken sometime too.