Thursday, October 08, 2009

Munni Begum Ji

I finally get a chance to see Munni Begum ji this Saturday in Chicago :). I cant be more excited than this, whats more exciting is I could make 4 requests that she might consider playing :))... I hope in excitement I dont do something stupid ;) something stupid like go dancing (in an extreme rave mood lol) to the stage take out a 10 dollar not and utarafy on her lol ...cudnt think of an english word for utarofy :)

Here is a brief preview of the 4 requests I made:

"Teri Soorat nigahon mein bas gayee, ishq tera sataye to mein kya karo"

"ae mere humnasheeen chal kahi aur chal, is chaman mein aab apna guzara nahin"

"Idhar Zindagi ka janaza uthega, udhar zindagi unki dulhan banegi"

"ae mareez-e-mohabbat, unhi ka fasana sunata raha ghum nikaltey nikaltey"

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