Friday, October 23, 2009

Me @ Templar Church, London

Well for starters, this was the only thing I thought was worth visiting in London !!!!

Yes, this is the same church where Sir Isaac Newton is laid to rest. Lol thats what I thought, after reading the Da Vinci Code. And, that is why I dragged my whole family to this place, right in the heart of London. Too bad it was some holiday and the church was closed. Nonetheless I was able to take this pic for my memoirs :P .

And, I think Newton, is not buried here. In fact no Templar Knights were buried here, it only has their effigies. So whatever be the history behind it, I think it was cool. I like the area surrounding the church, the narrow alleys, and medieval architecture reminded me of Uppali (upper) Pole and Nichali (Lower) Pole area of my native town Banswara, Lol, I know its a bizarre comparison, but that's how I felt.

Here is the pic of the church as taken from this site, to prove to you naysayers that I am not bluffing and I really went to the Templar Church, lol I wonder how many of you really care if I am lying or not, but anyways, this adds to my credibility. The site is and it has pretty cool pictures.

So here is the pic, in which the Knight Templar of the age, keeper of the Holy Grail graced the Templar church. Sorry, I went a little overboard, but pun intended, if Dan Brown could create a fiction then why not I, and of course in my creation who else would be the protagonist but me :). Don't you think the church seems radiant now, as its self-proclaimed custodian has glorified it finally.

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