Friday, October 23, 2009

Harvesting Corn :)

This post might give you a brief idea of how technology has played such an important role in Corn harvesting. Technology in farming is definitely a purposive use of technology, unlike this Toilet Paper News-Feeder lol :)

Sorry for the digression from the main topic, I guess this is something which will never change when I write. Okay coming back to the subject, Last Saturday, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go harvesting on a friends farm in Raonoke, IL. Best of luck trying to pronounce Raonoke :). Well It was a real learning experience, reminded me of Modern Marvel show on History Channel. Lol just shows how much I watch that show and beat this coincidence, I am watching it at the moment too, the show is about cold-cuts, lol I wouldnt want to go into more details as it would definitely upset my vegan readers :)

So coming back to harvesting corn, for this post we will assume that the corn is all grown, and ready to be harvested. Duh !!! the topic says harvesting too :P

This is how a fully-ripe-corn-ready-to-be-plucked looks like:

Once ready to be plucked, the field which was uniformly seeded may look like this:

You can see in the pic above, how the farm is uniformly seeded, its perfectly aligned for a combine to work its magic. Yes a Combine, i would consider it to be a Mechanical Engineering marvel for real. It works like a charm, it thrashes, removes the husk , the chafe, separates the kernels from the corn. What you have in the end are just kernels :). Here is a brief youtube video on how a Combine works.

And here is a pic of the combine, I rode in. Actually I got a chance to drive it too, And also, I rode it in on the highway. You must have imagined by now the front part of the combine i think its called the thrasher is definitely removed. Lol otherwise you might end up thrashing the road sign posts, other cars etc etc on the road. This was the view from atop a combine:

This is how our combine looked like:

Here is how a field looked like before we cleared it with a combine:

After running the combine:

To be Continued ....I am tired of writing and even more sick of my slow internet connection......but hold on there is more ...

Continued here:

Harvesting Corn Part 2

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