Thursday, October 08, 2009

Me @ Starved Rock State Forest Reserve

This is me at the place mentioned in the subject lol too lazy to type the entire name again :) .....well i guess i should have typed it ..the explanation is def longer than the name :)

whatever, so the history made here was ..that Hatim visited this place lol nooooo..I still have time to make history ...i hope its before I become one :P ....anyways history here is in the name itself ...two Indian ( i mean native American-Indian not South Asian Indian) tribes were fighting and one of the weaker tribe took refuge at the top of a hill. The stronger tribe took over the bottom of the hill ( a huge rock ) and eventually the tribe at the top the minnows :( couldnt receive food and consequently they starved to death. Hence the name Starved Rock State Forest.

Its a beautiful place, an idle place for hiking miles and miles of trail will burn enough calories trust me ...and later on you can fish and add some healthy proteins :P can see how beautiful the tree is :) ..i will stop there :)

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