Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is how eid is celebrated :)

So this was our menu for Eid
day breakfast:

-egg omlette
-Italian or French bread
-Sheer Khurma
-Orange juice
-and last but not the least - chai (tea)

Talk of replinishing your nutrients after fasting for the whole month
(30 days precise) during Ramadan :)

Funniest part is the fact that after consuming so many calories, our
people are still choosey when it comes to sugar or non-sugar tea :p

And even more there are few who would request half a cup of sugar tea
and half non-sugar. Now that's a real epicurian of tea :p

Oh well, it's all well if it ends well and so it did except for a few
surprises :). And surprises are exactly what you need to make a day
like Eid memorable. :)

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