Thursday, September 24, 2009

me and spilling ... made for each other :)

jeez I'm so tired of spilling everything I cook, heat, serve and eat :
(....with me spilling us by default ... at masjid I spill the food
while serving on my clothes far I haven't spilled anything on
others clothes lol ...thank god ...atleast not in Chicago ..

but yeah I did that once in secunderabad :(... it wasn't my
mistake :) .. the gosht korma was placed on the edge of the thaal ..
so while turning .. the thaal swung .. and the plate of korma drifted
to the edge .. and the contents .. just a lil though .. spilled on ppl
sitting below :(...unfortunately it was a thaal of lil kids :(
I adored and who used to scream at me all the time .. ofcourse in a
nice way .. they wud call me "HATIMmmmm UNCLE" lol ...

well so as soon as I dropped it on that kid :( was a mess
duh !!! .. worse the stuff was hot ...I took the kid away .. he was
brave .. I cud see tears in his eyes but he didn't show any real
emotions :(... so I ran helter-skelter ..found a clean towel .. u can
imagine how hard it is to find one at any masjid :).. and started
rubbing away the stains on his Kurti :(

so after the stains were wiped not entirely though .. and after he
felt a some soothing on his back .. I asked him to go back and eat ..
but he refused .. stating that it wud be shameful to go in the thaal
with a wet kurti .. aww he said .."sharam aata" lol in hyderabadi
accent :) I was like .."Kya miyaa idhar ku koyee potti nahin,
sharam kaiko." lol I know my hyderabadi Urdu sucks !!! .. but that
cracked him up and he decided to go back ...

he was so concerned of his appearance due to his wet Kurti that he
walked siding the wall that nobody wud notice it :)

well there are a lot many incidents :) ..

in the meantime .., one more instance of my spills is shown below ..
this is the third day in a row .. that I have spilled sheer-khurma
while heating it in the micro-wave :) .. this too at work .. where
I've to bother to clean it right away :$

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