Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chemical Engineering 101 - Esters

How to make Esters ? :)
Why do fruits have different smells ? :)

Basically this was the most fun part of my chemistry classes back in school. With all the dangers of Sulphuric Acid, fumes and pungent smelling ammonia, Esters provided some relief :)

They were good fruit-smelling hydrocarbons. They are basically present in every fruit you eat. Duh !!! that's why they are fruity smelling :)

Here is a small howto on how to make a Banana smelling ester :) :


and here is some more information on different chemicals that makes certain fruits smell like their respective smells :) lol didn't know how to put it in words :) but WTH visit this site if u wud be interested in knowing something so interesting and helpful at the same time lol :)


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