Saturday, July 26, 2008

A True Friend

I have been reading this book called "the Prophet" by Kahlil Jibran. And since I started reading it, I have been reading it since then. I read it when I am really down and it kind of cheers me up.

So yeah coming back to the topic, I read this chapter in this book on friendship:
and it reminds me of a friend on mine. A very close friend of mine, who has been through a lot of trouble already: thanks to his friends. And due to some reasons , I prefer not to unravel his name. He really doesnt care if his name is released or not, and he doesnt believe in publicity either. And I respect him for his humbleness and commitment to friendship.

So this particular chapter in the book, speaks about an ideal friendship. And I am planning to exemplify Kahlil Jibran's verses to my friend. Because he is a living example of all the qualities of friendship mentioned in Kahlil's Chapter.

Well, I met him in the most unrealistic circumstances: when we were going through our ragging period back in India. For all those who arent aware of 'ragging' well its a seniors way of welcoming their juniors in College, mostly prevalent in Indian Colleges and Universities. It used to be really harsh as in some circumstances, it would scale the greatest heights of bullying sometimes physical too.

Since I started late, I wasnt aware of this practice myself, and it was him who, kind of trained me to deal with this menace. be continued...

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