Monday, July 14, 2008

Best Sleeping Airport

Recently while flying to New York from Peoria, my flight got delayed, not unusal. The flight was actually delayed to such an extent that I was surely going to miss my connection from O'Hare(Chicago) to LaGuardia (New York City).

Nothing helped offcourse with United nothing ever does. Neither being a frequent flyer nor Mileage plus membership did any good. They did give me an option : fly to Chicago and wait for 12 hours to catch the next morning flight to LaGuardia.

The attendant after my continuos naggigng did advice me that the flight I was flying in was cancelled or delayed 96% of time. She had no answer when I asked her why this particular service was even offered.

Frustration abound, this has been an eternal bane at Peoria Airport and till now I havent found a flight which departed or arrived on time.

Coming back to my trip, when I was told blatantly that the flight is delayed almost every day, they still didnt humble me with a complimentary overnight stay at a motel out in Chicago. So I kind of thought about it and my curiosity intrigued me to search for the best sleeping airport.

Thanks to the ever growing survey world, which sometimes I feel is a vocation of those unfit to do anything constructive, I landed at a site which actually had done such a survey :).

p.s: While browsing through slashdot yesterday I actually read a news in which AC Nielsen signed a 1.3 Billion Dollar service agreement with TCS. AC Nielsen is a survey and tv-rating giant. I wonder where TCS would come into picture: contracted TCS employees might have to sit and watch American TV shows to analyze and rate them lol ;).

Here is the link to the top sleeping airports site:

And offcourse there isnt a single US Airport in the top ten. Dissapointing that O'Hare didnt make it in the best list, instead it was third in the list of Worst Airport to sleep in.

Guess which one topped the list of worst airport to sleep in:
Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India :D It still sends jitters down my spine when I recall my experiences at Mumbai Airport, from the corrupt custom officials to leaking ceilings. Could write a whole post on it someday :)

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