Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gender Bias - China

If I can remember, in one of my class back in college where we studied about Pacific Rim Nations. The most impressive were the four Asian Tigers Nations : Singaport, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong (which now belogs to China though).

Well another important aspect was China, which is the most populated country in the world. What was surprising was the laws implemented by the Chinese in which they strictly enforced "one child per family" policy.

I thought then it was a good idea to curb population explosion and wished similar laws in India. Recently this news kind of got me thinking.

There is a huge gender bias in China with 37 million more Men than Women. This is stratling because inspite of curbing population this has resulted in growth of violence because of unemployment. And also one child (male) who was thought to be the bread-winner is now responsible for 6 parents: parents, maternal grand-parents and paternal grand-parents.

Ironical isnt it, China which is proclaimed by media as the next super-power is actually suffering from such critical problems.

Makes me feel releaved that such a law was not implemented in India, where 70 percent of population resides in villages. And among the 70 percent I am sure there are 90 percent who still consider female as a burden. Eventually such a law would exacerbate this issue.

And also the face of Indian Woman is changing too, thanks to Television:

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