Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Recipe 101

How to make Bhindi ( lady finger) in the most optimized ( least time) way:

well i will tell u how to make Bhindi ..this steps are optimized to save time too

all u do is cutt the bhindi in small pieces
chop the head and tail offf
take a kadayee heat oil
let it heat for some time
add some jeera and cummins seeds

while the oil is heating cutt onions
and add those onions + garlic + green chillies + red chillies + salt depending on taste

let them simmer for sometime
while the the onions and spices are frying
cutt the bhindi in small pieces
chop off the head and tail

enough time for the onions to turn golden brown
when they turn brown add the bhindi to the fry
mix it like there is no tomorrow ....

let the entire thing fry for 10 minutes at high stove....when u see the bhindi turn slightly black from green ..serve it hot ....can add some potatoes too with it ...this is ur bhindi fry ...

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