Monday, June 25, 2007

The Memory Remains, Part II

Another memory that I linger on most of the time was my experience with Premalayam, a non-profit governmental organization (NGO). They concentrate more on medical camps, sanitation, and education. Well education is definitely the cure for all the misery that people incur upon them. So, I guess Premalayam's idelogy is well thought off and executed.

Premalayam targets the most backward and extremely sluggish part of the Hyderabad. When people think of Hyderabad first thing that comes into their minds is a booming high tech city, a rich and rising middle class and not to forget well to do NRIs. But its not the same everywhere. What I saw at Premalayam's volunteer programs was like an eye opener.

No doubt India is making tremendous progress, but the entire globalization wave which is sweeping India, is limited to the metros. That too certain parts of the metros. Well you wouldnt be wrong to state that 5 percent of India is becoming America while the rest 95 percent is becoming Somalia.

Well coming back to the topic, this was a sanitation drive, where we were suppose to clean an entire village and educate the locals on basic sanitation. For someone like me it was next to impossible as I had no command over telgu the native language, but I still tried my best.

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