Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nikah-No-Phobia : Fear of Marriage

This is an excerpt form the conversation I had with Jumana Dids...for ur kind information she lives in the City of Light i.e. Paris.

Me: Dids I saw the pics of yours from your trip to Canada.
Dids: Wonderful !!! Did u recognize me ?
Me: Offcourse the one who had the best figure was you.
Dids: Yeah Right!!!
Me: Dids ! if I had to wish it would be ?? guess.
Dids: Nope tell me.
Me: I wish you were not married. I would have proposed you.
Dids: If I had to wish ....... I wish I was never married.
Me: hahahahaha....

Sun raaja shaadi laddoo hain pyaar ka (listen friend! marriage is like a sweet)
jo khaaye pachataye ( who doesnt eat it repent)
jo naa khaaye pachataye ( who does eat repent it too )

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