Sunday, October 23, 2005

my idea of a date

Moto : You know Hatim Bhai one guy asked me out.
Me : Coolioooooooooooooooo !!!! Where is he taking you??
Moto : For a candle light dinnner.
Me : I think thats gay.
Moto : What !!! Why ????
Me : coze......candle light dinner is for those unfortunate ppl in the world
Me : who dont have enough electricity.
Moto : then where will u take your date????
Me : hmmmmmmm !!! go to Gharib Nawaz take lots of Tandoor chicken and Naan.
Me : go to lake shore drive and eat it.
Me :
and then throw the leftover bones in the lake !!!!
Moto : lols.
Me :
Next day the headline in Chicago Sun times :"Amish in the City."
Moto : lols :)

Thanks moto for bringing out the comedian in meeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

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