Monday, October 03, 2005

1st Ramadan 1426

Okay, so today it all begin. The first day of shehar-ul-Allah ( the month of Allah) was like so apt for me . This is how it begin:

I vowed that this time atleast I would wake up and do sehri. So , instead of keeping alaram I told moto to like wake me up. She gave me missed calls trying to wake me up but in vain. I slept and woke up at 8 which definately isnt a good sign for the first day of Ramadan.

Ok couple of job searches done and applications sent, I prayed fajar and read the holy Quran. Big day, I had my driving road test and this was the third time I was going to give it coze i failed it on the previous two attempts. I dont know why this driving license shit has jinxed me so bad , this was one test I was like really scared to give. The past two times I failed was because I forgot to stop at the Stop sign, weird.

Something so obvious could be forgotten, not because i was not aware, but for the simple reason that I was too nervous. This time I had to clear the test no matter what. Driving license is like inevitable if you want to do anything in US, duhhh.

So, I was borrowing Vik's car for the test and he hesitantly gave it coze he owed me a favour. Before the test another big drama. The great mr. Vik left the keys inside the car and locked the door. Now he had to call the towing company and get it opened. So they came at 2:45 opened the door in 5 minutes and we were there at the parking lot at 3.

At the test, the same lady who took my test the first time was there and this made me even more nervous. She asked me to do the basic skills test and thank God i finished it easily. Then she took me on the road and asked me to make a right turn on the next traffic light. I dont know what I was thinking and wasnt looking like i was going to make a turn. She screamed at me like : "Please make a right turn !!!!!!!." I got alarmed and made a sharp turn she was like furious. She looked at me and said:" Jesus Christ," I was like broken and felt that God this test too is gone, FAILED.

I kept hoping that please dont tell me to make a turn towards Davenport (which means end of the test or failed in simple words). So I hung on and kept doing whatever she told me. Luckily we got stuck in the traffic and this consumed too much time and hence she didnt drill me much.

She took me to the same spot, where i jumped the stop sign last time. This time i stopped came to a complete halt looked on all the four sides and when it was my turn to go made the smooth turn. I had feeling that I was going to make it. She took me to the highway and it wasnt a great deal.

Finally, she told me congratulations u passed and I was like oh thank God !!!. I called up my darling mommmy and informed her. I was like so happy. I know it looks weird coze getting a license is not a big deal but for me it was.

So thats it , I passed my test and with the certificate, I will get my license tomorrow from the Secretery of State, Inshallah. There was still lot of time to break the fast , so I decided to do some cleaning. After that I was really exhausted and just lied down till maghrib. At maghrib did iftaari had some water, banana, angoor (grapes), rice crispies and then I ordered pizzas for pizza hut and ate with all the friends.

This day was great. First day of ramadan has bought me luck thats what my mom told me and I love her for that. I love her for giving me the confidence and boosting my moral whenever I am down. She keeps telling me :" Hatim jub bhi sahi waqt aayega tabhi sahi kaam hoga , kabhi juldi mat karna ,"( Hatim when the right time will come, right things will happen, never ruch) and mom I love you for that. I am sure that these coming days of Ramadan will bring me luck.

Inshallah I will keep posting as time permits.

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Zahra D said...

Hi Hatim -- read this topic and shows the sign of luck that you passed ur driving liscense on the first day of Ramandan -- :) nice story ! :)