Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Noble Prize winners from India

Read an article on Slashdot today about a Noble Prize laureate - Abdus Salam from Pakistan. He was given the Noble Prize for his work on the Higgs Bosom particle, which was discovered recently.

Abdus Salam has passed away, and unlike any other Noble Peace Prize laureate, he has not enjoyed the fame and respect in his country - Pakistan. The reason being he belongs to the Ahmadiyyah sect of Islam. His name is shunned from books, literature and speaking words of  fame for him is akin to blasphemy.

This intrigued me to find out how many Noble Prize laureates were from India. And here is the list from Wikipedia:

1902Ronald RossMedicineForeign citizens born in India
1907Rudyard KiplingLiteratureForeign citizens born in India
1913Rabindranath TagoreLiteratureCitizen of British India
1930C.V. RamanPhysicsCitizen of British India
1968Har Gobind KhoranaMedicineForeign citizens of Indian origin
1979Mother TeresaPeaceCitizen of India
1983Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharPhysicsForeign citizens of Indian origin
1998Amartya SenEconomic SciencesCitizen of India
2009Venkatraman RamakrishnanChemistryForeign citizens of Indian origin

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