Monday, July 02, 2012

The drama called Indian Olympics Tennis Contingent

So right when the whole world is ready to get its adrenaline pumping with the upcoming olympics, to support their respective countries for this once in 4 year bonanza, Indian people are enjoying the drama been enacted by the AITA ( All India Tennis Association) and of course the players.

Here goes it:
AITA decided to pair Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi for Men's double, but they didnt know that they werent talking with each other and had issues. Issues that couldnt be solved, issues that came before the country. They just couldnt overcome their bloated egos. So finally they decided to not to play together.

Now it gets interesting. The AITA decided to be a little biased with Bhupathi and paired him up with India's number three player - Rohan Bopanna. Bopanna has some grand-slam experience is a much better players than the #4 playes - Vishnu Vardhan, who was paired with Leander Paes. Now they made Bhupathi happy but the other stalwart of Indian Tennis - Leander Paes wasnt.

Even more interesting, so what do they do now, they used Sania Mirza ( India's #1 Female Tennis Player) as a bait to satisfy the disgruntled Paes. So the drama gets more spicier. Sania wrote a scathing letter to the AITA describing how she felt - discriminated, dis-respected blah blah. She was write !!

So yes, when every one is busy prepping for the olympics, trying to win Golds for their countries we are enjoying this pot-purri that our stars are cooking :)

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