Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Beginning - Part 1

As per the blog description, this blog is intended to serve as a platform where I can speak my heart out. Share my views on topics that I find interesting and those that infuriate me :).

Well another thing that I want to achieve through this blog is: for it to become a journal in which I can look back and relive these cherished moments. And hence I decided to tread on this difficult yet enjoyable journey (hopefully) of writing all that I have been through since it Began :).

For all of us life begins when we are born. Well I definitely cannot remember all that happened since then. It would be monotonous to relate all those experiences. Eventually I have decided to write about all that happened since I left Kuwait in June of 2000.

Well people don't have the misconception that this is going to be interesting but I will try to make it a bit intriguing and hilarious. I hope to not take liberty in hurting any one's sentiments. With 'anyone' I am referring to all those people who came in contact with me and might feature in this saga.

I hope to stay motivated and not get discouraged so help me God :)

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Anonymous said...

i like your style of writing !

can't wait to read your mini- novel ...